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for A Billionare Hero's Repentance

4/3 c1 Guest
Rofl. Wrong opinion.
3/17 c1 4Super Shadow 2018
This was so sweet -_- . Thank you for writing this. I know that Steve was dealing with the threat of the Winter Soldiers, but dragging Clint ( who was retired with family ), Wanda and Scott in this mess was selfish of him as in the end they paid the price for Steve actions regardless what threat they were dealing with.
Stay safe, eat a pizza and have a nice day.
3/17 c1 69Chunk127
Honestly I blame Tony a lot more then Steve. Tony was guilt ridden from Ultron and signed off before reading and tried to take the whole team with him to the point of lying to his friends to appease Ross in Steve's case and flat out kidnapping them in Wanda's case. All the while knowing exactly knowing who Ross is.

I think Tony and Tchalla ratted out Nat to Ross for aiding Cap's airport escape so she had to go on the run again.

I know some of it is but I have a hard time blaming Steve likely because Civil War is a Captain America movie and I spent two years thinking Tony suited back up to take down HYDRA for good because Steve told him what they did just not that it was Bucky they used for it because Howard, Bucky and him were friends and just genuinely didn't want to know.
3/17 c1 2Lightning-pays
Honestly they should have had a talk like this

Also awesome one shot can’t wait for more stories and one shots

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