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for My fan-fictions are written by Zaimokuza as expected

5/23 c17 Anonymous
I have more fun reading the reviews than your fan fiction for some reason. Someone probably already mentioned this but your interpretation of the characters don't seem to consider the 'worlds' they watch as alternate versions of themselves. Otherwise some reactions would be more 'notable' than others more often. Also they compare themselves to their 'other world/fanfiction' counterparts in a way that makes them come off arrogant. Which is somewhat annoying because they can't possibly comprehend what their 'other world/fanfiction' version went through to make the decision that they did.
5/21 c17 1CMY187
“I’ve picked one”
Hayato has watched/read Death Note, hasn’t he?
“why did sensei even bring you guys here?”
Good question.
“Why are you getting interested in my alternate stories like its nothing?”
You’re an interesting guy, Hachiman. For better or worse.
“Could be anybody…Everyone just looked at me in deadpan”
“Sensei, Komachi and Haruno in excitement”
Those three are weird.
“the rest in wariness”
Yui, Miura and Iroha, huh? Interesting.
“Hayama didn’t”
I narrowed my eyes at this.
“the original super-smart guy”
One major criticism that has been leveled at Death Note is that Light and L aren’t geniuses but that everybody around them are idiots.
Honestly, when you really look at it, Death Note’s plot is rather silly, and I’m not talking about the supernatural elements. There is a novelty though in having the villain be the protagonist.
“I don’t completely hate him either, at least his motives”
Light falls into classic narcissistic psychopathy very quickly after gaining the Death Note. He fails to notice that it is the book that is unique, not himself.
“but there was no blame in her voice”
Iroha is a horrible person.
“if I am the only survivor, then I would be the obvious suspect”
This is probably how Iroha thinks too.
“On second thought, I don’t want to know”
And you like and love her for who and what she is. What does that say about you, Hachiman?
“That’s really not how you enjoy solitude”
Saki and Hachiman as a couple would be adorable. I hope to one day find and read an English translation of the Oregairu VN.
“far too careful with everything”
He IS the top student of Sobu High after all.
“like a curious cat”
“a grin of pure evil”
Not Good or Evil. Hachiman is Neutral. And that only makes him scarier.
“Miura was even crossing her hands to hide her chest”
Really, Miura?
“What if it had worked?”

“The room was eerily silent”
They probably shouldn’t read ‘The Human Stains’ by Claudaujay.
“I am such a good person”
Sure you are, Hachiman.
“If it doesn’t work when you try and force it, just give up”
I raised an eyebrow at this.
“Cause I wasn’t”
In my opinion Hachiman can become a mass murderer depending on the circumstances. Anyone is capable of anything.
"I still say it could be anybody"
5/21 c17 keythecoolguy
very nice
5/20 c16 3Wally991
Huh, I actually found a HachimanXMiura fanfic that seems kind of possible, at least the first chapters.
"Alternatively, a new flag is raised" by "Kurosu No. 19"
Don't know after the first few chapters
5/19 c1 6VacantThoughts
Do you think you could do "A Certain Fire Queen's Request" by Rohasshiki or "Thus, Kawasaki Saki Strikes" by Slalem?
5/18 c7 3bob4204ever
ah never mindm its unmade.
5/18 c7 bob4204ever
what ff is yukino even talking about. rumi acting as hachi wife?
5/18 c6 bob4204ever
lets fking gooooooo.
5/17 c16 Jeferson Arthur
In the next one conveniently make Hachiman and Komachi get out of the room (fetch some snacks or something) and while they're away make the rest react to 'A New Year', I wanna see how their reaction to Yandere Komachi would be
5/16 c4 skyblue454
Oh, suggestions if you can give their overall reaction at the end of the story I think it would be nice.
5/16 c2 skyblue454
The Most Beautiful Thing by Xynovitch another nice one-shot.
5/16 c1 skyblue454
Limits by Xynovitch it's one-shot story that felt natural and not OOC and it also deal the problem at 14.5 of oregairu.
5/15 c16 6Noth-lyv
Um, hikigaya kun is listless? Anyway, I enjoyed your fic so much man!
5/13 c16 Guest
As Expected He Was More Warped Than Most by The Dark Imperial interesting what reaction have oregairu personages to this Hachiman
5/13 c16 Guest
As Expected He Was More Warped Than Most by The Dark Imperial
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