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for you know i'm no good!

3/17/2021 c1 jabulla4
Me encantó! Y aún más cuando sacaste a Sakura al fin!
3/17/2021 c1 Morrowjt
Seems interesting. Pretty rushed though. I look forward to more.
3/17/2021 c1 Sherodx
okay i hate naruto too but how stupid can you fucking be? want to be hokage? XDDDDDDD fucking desk bitch for documents lmao imagine wanting to stay in a fucking village instead of learning everything you can and becoming s-rank missing nin and doing whatever the fuck you want
3/17/2021 c1 11Amaterasu53
hahaha - I really like it. I recently started a FF that felt that Naruto (not to mention others in that class) was totally annoying too. Why? Obvious, right?!
Shikaku being fuckable: oh yes, very much. lol

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