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5/9/2021 c5 23walkern
Now that I think about it, Rimuru has become Milim. It's said milim was basically alone for thousands of years because people only treated her as a higher being instead of a friend. She never had a true friend for so long and she started acting childish to aid her boredom and loneliness(although Rimuru does it cause she lost a fuck ton of memories) and if we're saying Rimuru is milim in this situation them Kurama is Rimuru who in turn became her 'first' friend.
5/8/2021 c1 joshuafoster36
this concept is stupid you nerfed rimuru made her act like a five year old and seals and dimensional skills do not work on her at all so this story seems like hagaramo wanking for no reason. gonna drop this story of you want a tensura. fanfic were rimmuru does nothing this story is for you if you want an naruto and tensura crossover with a unique plot leave now this story is not for ypu
5/7/2021 c6 Dragoncat261
-God this was long, have fun reading lol
Rimuru's abilities (from what I remember)
Race: Demon Slime (Can freely change between a physical and spiritual body)
Skills: Infinite Regeneration (can heal/fix spiritual body), Control Magic, Universal Detection (includes effects of other sense skills like; Magic Sense, Sense Heat Source, Sense Soundwave, and Keen Smell.) Universal Shape Shifter, Demon Lord's Haki (causes fear and even instant-death), Enhance Replication, Spacial Motion, Darkflame lightning, Universal Thread, Control Gravity, Magic Interference, Magic Aura (combines techniques and magic),Wisdom King Raphael (includes Mind Acceleration, Synthesize, Separation, Cast Cancel, Parallel Operations, Analyze And Asses), Gluttonous king Beelzebuth (includes; Merciless, Stomach, Mimicry, Soul Consume, Rot, Predation, Food Chain), Covenant King Uriel (includes Unlimited Imprisonment, Universal Barrier, Control Laws, Dominate Space), Storm king Veldora (includes; Summon Storm Dragon, Restore Storm Dragon, Storm Magic)
Attack Moves (not directly related to skills): Hell Flare, Water Blade, Flame Circle, Gods Wrath, Disintegration, Melt Slash, Stormbreaker
Resistances: I don't Remember, I knew he/she had a ton though
5/5/2021 c6 XxxxAnonimusxxxx
Again a great chapter , amazing story , good job !
5/6/2021 c6 2RocKHord
This is best thing, BEST THING. I LOVE BUT BITCH
5/5/2021 c6 Resplandent
Great chapter! I hope they find a way to get outside of the seal to support Naruto further. I love their dynamic so much already.
5/5/2021 c6 andri479
Good Chapter

Please next
5/4/2021 c6 Peroroncino
I Hope Naruto Would Choose Magic instead of Jutsu hahaha
5/4/2021 c6 Omnipotente Vargas
Oh ho ho... I want to see Hiruzen's reaction to the next chapter if it is what I think it is... and I'm not going to talk about Rimuru's bc we all know what's gonna be... [DESIRE TO BURN KONOHA TO THE GROUND INCREASING BY 1000%].
It's better Konoha's citizens start praying she doesn't realise she can leave the seal whenever she wanted... or else they'll be gone the blink of an eye...
5/4/2021 c6 AnimeA55Kicker
Well that sounds like it’s going to be a cheery next chapter.
5/4/2021 c6 6Carvaiine
This was great! Was a bit discouraged at the beginning of the fic but it's perfect now!
5/4/2021 c6 Dasgun
4/28/2021 c5 AnimeA55Kicker
Ok yeah you might want to clarify in the summary that Kurama/FemRimuru/Naruto isn’t the pairing. It sure looked like that to me, and the idea of a Devils Threesome pairing is a bit off putting to some. I prob wouldn’t have read the fic if it wasn’t for the lack of any other good Slime fics. Glad I did read it thou. It makes for a great read. Those two idiots are going to regret screwing over Rimuru.
4/24/2021 c5 XxxxAnonimusxxxx
Great chapter as always, loved you wrote about naruto and his especial capacitys thanks to Rimuru .
4/24/2021 c5 Guest
wait so does that mean rimuru can never leave naruto's body?
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