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for Naruto the Hero of Man

6/22 c9 Golden Wind God
This is bullshit. To recreate sacred . just wow. Waiting for the next chapter
6/20 c9 yellowgoodboat
This is totally crack, but I like it. Please update this soon!
6/19 c9 Xemenon
Great chapter. Wonder what he thinks about angels now. What will he ask from them for the assassination attempt.
6/18 c9 4Druss the Legend
amazing story. very unique powers. Soma's character was a welcome surprise. I'm glad you're really fleshing her out with respect to her devil heritage.

I also like how you pointed out that Naruto was desperate for friends and how easily he developed a crush on Sona.

you took the best part of Naruto signature technique and really modified it to fit with the DxD universe. kudos on that. that said, stop powering him up. bring more Slice of Life elements into the story.

the Driag and Albion bit was somewhat of an overkill. understandable, because he'll need it to battle the big shots out there, but don't give him a 1000 different spells, because then you'll have fans asking why he didn't use this spell or that spells to solve the problem.

nonetheless, this story has a new premise and I hope to see more soon.

6/6 c9 WarzPark
When Are U Going To Update This Story
6/5 c9 Guest
Me encanta sigue así cuando sacas el siguiente capítulo
6/5 c9 Cyan-Snake
As the heir of a Trillion dollar company he should be able to tell when someone is using him. The fact that he wants a relationship with Sona is ridiculous.
5/31 c9 eduardocongona
siguiente capitulo crack
5/22 c9 Dimensionador
Para cuando el próximo cap?, está historia solo se pone mejor y mejor
5/21 c9 hero of time45
God this is funny
5/20 c9 correnhimself316
In think it might be hilarious if Naruto ends up legitimately seducing Kuroka, and making her call in love with him. Afterall once Issei becomes a thing, won't Naruto challange him into seeing who is better at being a Harem King?
5/20 c8 correnhimself316
Naruto is a flipping freak of nature, and it is amazing!
5/20 c3 correnhimself316
Dear lord, Naruto is scary.
5/20 c2 correnhimself316
So he basically has 1000 shadow clones a jammed into one brain. This Naruto is truly monsterous in his potential growth.
5/20 c1 correnhimself316
Huh. This Naruto is potentially terrifying in his potential.
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