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for Les murs en vous

5/16 c16 15Abizeau
OMG PROTECTIVE HAIR GEAR?! lmaoooo that was hilarious

aaaaah griffin and Melvin are the cutest everrrrr! I was waiting for a scene between them and I can tell you it was worth the wait. omg. :heart-eyes: and everyone calling him out on Lou. I swear, if they don't kiss when they find each other again, then what's the point? jk

oooh nooo an eyeless lizard. ewww
omg that last scene. I hope Melvin will be okay.
5/15 c15 Abizeau
soooo... memories vs dreams, huh? interesting

noooo everyone is separated! I love how griffin is always watching out for Lou! with the wall and then she's the first name he says "were going to find Lou... and the others" love love love.

great chapter!
5/13 c14 Abizeau
aaaah my baby Lou! she's so strong yet so tired! and griffin must have been exhausted after his battle with the craindre! I love how Lou watches over everyone. she's such a good mom.

loved that little Convo between griffin and Lou and ash calling them lovebirds lmao. I'm surprised griffin didn't correct him haha

aaaaah Zara remembers! wait. food? for the craindre? now that sounds really creepy... maybe the ones with the lower scores became food? omg

loved the chapter!
5/13 c14 1PrincessAdelle
Oh my god! They know! What's going to happen now, are they going to be mad? Or will the still be confused?
5/9 c13 15Abizeau
okay woah woah woah... I just need a minute to breath again, this was so tense!

what did you mean when the craindre was regenerating...? that sounds so scary! at least griffin and slyvien didn't die!

but now they're in the maze. I have a bad feeling about all this... 0.0

amazing chapter!
5/8 c12 Abizeau
loooool i love that gossip about the pinning it was hilarious

oof that meeting was tense! I really hope everything will be alright...

aaawww my poor big boy Griffin. at least he and Lou kinda get along!

WHAT A CRAINDRE IN THE ROOF! that's definitely the clicking girl's fault, calling them "her friends" and all... smh

great chapter!
5/8 c12 52CalvinHobbesGatsby
I feel so sorry for Beth having to deal with the food crisis & an unrequited crush
5/8 c11 15Abizeau
uuuh that's pretty messed up. Jackie remembers? we need to keep an eye on that girl!

haha Lou's got some nice reflexes lol

hahaaaaa Shep calling her out on griffin lmaooo

loved that chapter!
5/5 c10 Abizeau
‘Lou mumbled, "Where is that blond-haired devil when you need him. »‘ LMAOOO yes. blond-haired devil suits him perfectly lol. also, she definitely likes him hehehe

why is everyone always commenting on griffin's hair? this makes me laugh so much hahah

omg. she shouldn’t have said Griff was a top student HAHA.

wow. Percy is a real pain in the ass lol.

LOL griffin separating them and grounding them like a dad

aw melvin is so cute lol.
great chapter!
5/5 c9 Abizeau
LOVED that chapter!

I'm so intrigued by this Illea. does the tracking chip they have alter their memory once they're "out there"?

Griffin? a top student? now that's a surprise LMAO. but then again, he wouldn't be in Project illea, right?

I cant wait for the next one! great job!
5/4 c9 52CalvinHobbesGatsby
I can’t wait to read what happens to Beth & Pink.
2/12 c1 3Pixargirl
Very intriguing start to the first chapter. Sets up a horrific and somber mood.
2/1 c8 15Abizeau
ooooh a new comer! and I like the name hahahaLou and griffin being all concerned/pissed août this new development was perfect lol. can't wait to see more of that!
oooh "illea"... now we're talking :eyes:
great chapter! can't wait for the next one!
1/30 c8 52CalvinHobbesGatsby
I’m glad to see that you are continuing this story. I can’t wait to see what happens to Beth & Pink
7/28/2021 c7 15Abizeau
aaah seeing everyone just be their normal selves for a bit was really nice! i love how everyone respects Lou but standing straighter and how you wrote the way Griff is. perfection.

Diana/Jackie is sus :eyes: what is going on...?

great chapter!
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