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for Middle Earth's very own Ripper

6/20 c3 Hamizan Yunos
Having Cyborg Raiden fight for the Fellowship is insane man he easily is stronger and faster than much of the Fellowship and can easily slice and dice many Orcs, Trolls, Fellbeasts, Mumakil, lesser dragons and other monsters in LOTR barring the more magical creatures such as Balrogs.
6/19 c3 Hamizan Yunos
Sending Cyborg Raiden from Metal Gear Rising to Lord of the Rings means lots of dead orcs and trolls seriously though if Raiden was in LOTR he would kill way more than Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas combined, slicing and dicing them in seconds.

I don't think he would be able to kill the Balrog though because they are magical beings but I think he would slay many Fellbeasts, Oliphaunts and I would bet he would slay many dragons such as Smaug

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