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for Black Knight

6/9 c1 Nyamu
Welcome back. Its a shame Revenant got axed. Hopefully you will stick around long enough for this to go forward.
3/30 c1 Tyracus
I'm glad to see this come back and I'm curious about the circumstances surrounding the story since none of the Xiao-Long/Branwen family twigged on Ruby's name. My best guess is summer went MIA off-world before she realized she was pregnant so Ruby was born/raised in TSAB space which also raises the question on whether Summer made it (unlikely but possible).

Looking forward to reading more of this and it's got me wanting to brush up on my German since I can pronounce it and recognize the simple phrases but get a bit lost on the more advanced ones.
3/22 c1 4NekoDaemonQueenZelda
Aaah, I missed this.
3/21 c1 Zifryt
It's nice to see this story is not dead. It was one of my favourites, I can't wait to see what you will change.

You should add Character tags to make sure people who use them can find this story.
3/21 c1 Argorok
Interesting story so far, please keep up the good work.
3/21 c1 Kurosu Cross
Its been 2 years but its good to see you back
3/20 c1 Heavyarms150
I'd be upset your rewriting revenant but I'm too excited for your story to be back so I'm all for it. Welcome back and can't wait for more!

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