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for Special Order: Baker's Dozen

4/25 c1 dhea11
Awesome novel. I love it. You can join in NovelStar writing contest with a theme "WEREWOLVES" Prices are amazing!

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3/21 c1 Guest
Very nice. Will we be seeing a bit of a continuation of Squall and Rinoa in the future?
3/22 c1 16SilentStarlightSky
Quistis was probably correct in thinking that hosting an event for older kids might not much different than hosting one for younger kids. It will most likely still be exhausting. But I liked Selphie's input. Autopsy, haha. (For some reason, I can completely imagine Selphie sending away for that goofy "Alien Autopsy" video that was being sold on TV in the 90s. It just seemed like something she might do for fun. Then have an alien themed party. I miss the 90s.)

I'm glad that you made Squall getting out of the water a draw for all the ladies. I was imagining something ridiculous like he's shaking his wet hair out like it is a cologne ad, but then you added the wet t-shirt, and it was even funnier. And that just made sense, given his usual outfit.

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