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4/27 c50 airafakhirah
I have been busy this past week with all my works. Finally be able to catch up with all the chapters.
Just want to say that you wrote a beautiful ending for this story. Thank you for sharing your writing with all of us. Hope to read new stories from you soon.
4/26 c50 ScandinavianDream
That was a well chosen and written end, I'm gonna miss these guys :(
thank you so much for sharing this story :)
I hope you will keep writing and I will be reading again from you soon.

Ps: you wrote that Don was Mikas Papa? In Sweden he couldn't be, he would be morfar..
4/26 c50 ivvana
Hi! I think you are a good writer and should continue with other stories. I also admire your discipline, it had been great to refresh and see a new chapter on a daily basis.
4/24 c48 ScandinavianDream
Omg, that was so cute! So happy that Don is doing better, having his family around him and finally taking the next step with Linnea. I loved it! It happened at their own pace without any pressure and I'm certain that you couldn't have chosen a better way for them to get engaged and married.

Also on a little side note - can we just talk about how funny (and adorable) it is that park and Aram are turning to Ressler for parental advice at any hours of the day?
4/24 c48 11L3Writing
Wonderful! taking the leap forward in love
4/23 c47 ScandinavianDream
Aww, Kit is just too cute as is Linnea, loved how they are taking care of Don without him feeling suffocated. Interesting choice of Ressler, but well deserved after all his years at the fbi. I hope he will be able to retire and enjoy time with his family
4/23 c46 ScandinavianDream
He's going to be fine, right? - yes, he is, positive thoughts!
That last scene was just.. So.. I don't have words.. Just a few tears..
4/23 c45 ScandinavianDream
Oww Agnes is going to college and all grown up, how could that happen.. I get that Ressler doesn't feel comfortable with letting her go but I'm glad he kind of came around, granting her her freedom.
A surprise visit is what Don (and I) needed :)
Oh no, what?!
4/21 c44 ScandinavianDream
Poor Don, he and Aram really deserve a guys weekend.
I'm happy to read that Don and Linnea are still together and trying to make things works for them.
What does Agnes know about Liz at this point? Is she aware of the situation her mother was in when she was little, and right before Liz died?
4/21 c43 ScandinavianDream
Lovely chapter!
Even though it was winter, it reminded me of the summers I spent in Sweden
I liked how you described the dynamic the four have, and that Linnea is involved but not as a parent figure. They (you) make it work for them
4/20 c42 ScandinavianDream
Hei, I'm so sorry for not having reviewed in a while..
There was little time and I've been trying to catch up with the latest chapters just now.

I must say that I didn't know how I would like to read about Don moving on in life but I'm surprised how well you made that work here. And I think that what they have is a good thing for both of them. As you wrote they are both independent people, understanding that the first priority of the other one isn't necessarily their relationship and as long as both are aware of that, it works for them. Most importantly, for both Don and the kids I think, was that Linnea doesn't try nor want to be the kids mother.
So, thank you for posting and writing as fast as you do :)
4/18 c38 smyrnathena
Sorry but I must say I’ll no longer read this story anymore. I really tried so hard to read Liz’s absence and only kept reading for cuteness of Ressler with kids but taking him on a date with another woman? No I can’t read this, sorry. Good luck in your story.
4/18 c39 airafakhirah
I'm not ready for Don to start dating again. Anyway great chapter.
4/16 c36 airafakhirah
I cry reading this chapter
4/16 c36 airafakhirah
Glad that Red get to spent time with Don and the kids.
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