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for No One for Me but You

8/11 c1 Karen Martin
I think I've read this before, but I just wanted to tell you ( maybe againLol) that I LOVE this story! THIS would have been wonderful to see on the screen...
4/30 c1 Carla barboza
Aí que amor
Super apaixonada por essa histó por dividir com a gente suas imaginação.
10/28/2022 c1 dpmancill
So well done and cued for further chapters. This could be a never ending story. There is so much potential here. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
9/2/2022 c1 Karen Martin
Thank you for writing this incredibly satisfying story! I love Nathan with Elizabeth. We deserve a happy ending/beginning for this couple and their sweet children.
7/23/2022 c1 Guest
I have read this many, many times, and enjoy it every time.
6/3/2022 c1 Karen Martin
3/27/2022 c1 Debbie Mattke
I just reread this story. Again. I love the ending of it. Thank you.
8/27/2021 c1 Guest
This story is really good. I love all your stories. I hope you continue it.
5/30/2021 c1 2Fanfic Heartie
Another excellent story. Please continue.
5/28/2021 c1 Guest
Great story
5/27/2021 c1 Guest
Loved this story. Have you thought of continuing it?
5/26/2021 c1 Debbie Mattke
I just reread this sweet story. I love it. I have been trying to remember the name of the story and who wrote it, but could not. I asked on the Facebook fan fiction page after I got home from work today, and someone posted the info just seven minutes later! Thank you for this story. I have read it several times now. I greatly enjoy your stories. I hope you will be writing more Nathan and Elizabeth stories, or stories about Nathan and a nice woman who will love him, and Allie.
3/24/2021 c1 6SassieFan
Wonderful! Just how I would want it to end...or shall I say begin.
3/22/2021 c1 DMP21
Wow! And you have had no prior creative writing background? Well you have a gift! I truly love all of your works!
3/23/2021 c1 7Elle018
You brought me to tears! Wow! There were so many heart-wrenching, heartfelt moments here. I have a feeling I’ll be re-reading this one over and over again during the next few months. Thank you so much for sharing.
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