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for Loyal To The Core

3/25 c1 1Ayakitten83
Loved this! But didn't Uma laugh cause she thought Mal was joking?
3/23 c1 lilyflower101
I'm surprised he didn't ground him anyways. Lucky.
3/23 c1 Godschildtweety
Really good
3/22 c1 shortanamx
love it
3/22 c1 19Sorceress of Magic
Adorable! I kinda wish this was canon lol
3/22 c1 billyandkimfan1994
Never understand why Ben jumped into Mal and Uma during the second movie when he is the king of the kingdom.
3/21 c1 21twilightgirl587
Amazing. Love the quarantine bingo reference from Li. And Ben and Adam just didn’t have enough father son screen time.
3/21 c1 1Urmimala Hazra
It's really great
I love it..can't wait for more of your updates.
3/21 c1 12AmethystDragon14
*Go Torney team!* That is what *should* have happened in cannon! Is no one good enough friends with Ben to realize somethings going on? Do Beast/Adam and Belle not know their son well enough?
Can't wait for more from you! :D
3/21 c1 Guest
Awesome work on this one shot
3/21 c1 Tracie Adams
Are you going to do one for descendants 3

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