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for Nest Time is the Best Time

3/29 c1 3Kaname671
Adorable yet I groaned at having to clean the nest up. I vote they just sleep in it for the rest of their lives. Thanks for sharing Clara!
3/28 c1 Lorigami8
So fluffy ! I liked the tickle bit the best. It was adorable!
3/24 c1 RukiYuki
Awww so cute , now I'll just waiting for when they going to lay their eggs? Hehe
3/24 c1 chitesnoo
Sooo cozyyyyy! This was so saccharine sweet that my head exploded in hearts and rainbows and marshmallows. I used to build nests of various kinds (proper blanket nests, under table forts, etc) all the time when I was a kid! I really should start that tradition up again
3/22 c1 1Aikanamintariansha
Ooooh... teeth-rotting indeed. I do build nests, but half the time they're made of books, which are only comfortable when you're having those weird I-want-to-read-but-what-I-want-to-read-keeps-changing-constantly moods. They're great.
3/22 c1 dreamerkins
so cute and fluffy!
3/22 c1 Guest
Nests and cuddles sparks joy like no other!
adorable points 11/10
3/22 c1 H-Nala
Nests are awesome!
3/22 c1 5miss mika namariya
cute! Nothing more adorable than a cuddle fort! Plus I love picturing Kyoko making herself at home in their place!
3/22 c1 4Annabella Prinx
Awww this was just adorable and perfect! I love nest time after awful days or just when you're done with everything and everyone. Haven't found anyone that would be a nice plus for nesting time though lol
3/22 c1 5nnjvz
The fluff and the cuddles! Awwww, thank you for this, even if it starts with a bad day. A nest sounds like such a comfy idea, I’ve never tried one before. I def needed this fluff, so thanks again!
3/21 c1 k0.fatality
PD: are u infj?

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