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6/7 c34 Guest
Yes! I hope you are feeling much better and I hope you keep writing! I miss it!
4/30/2021 c29 Guest
Wonder what the plan is this time, hard with no team?
4/26/2021 c29 carebear818
I like the background information in this chapter so we get an idea of what’s happening. But for sure the team ain’t happy. However they understand this is Nate handling things.
4/26/2021 c28 carebear818
So where did Nate go? And how did he manage to escape from the coffin inside the plane. Oh dear.
4/23/2021 c27 7Cgarcia555
Oh my. Love this story. Nate sure does have super powers. Looking forward to the rest of it.
4/23/2021 c27 carebear818
Oh what a suspense filled chapter. You had us thinking Nate was dead. But then the series would be ending. So Nate was wearing a vest.
4/22/2021 c27 3bettamax
Another exciting chapter! Wasn't expecting a vest and the team didn't know, wonder if he had help from Sterling or someone else for that part? Or was one of the guards in on it? Hmmm...
4/20/2021 c26 Guest
Sorry to hesr about your health problems, wishing you s speedy recovery!
4/20/2021 c26 carebear818
First of all , I hope you are better and that writing is a catharsis kind of.

Now for this chapter. Again another twist. Who is this James. You gave us a bit of a hint and why he was after Nate but this was pre-team. He wanted Nate to feel the loss of HIS family. He’s done a lot of research on Nate.
4/19/2021 c26 bettamax
This was a totally unexpected twist, will be interesting to see what happens next! Not a lot of options, they'll have to improvise? And I hope you are doing better, get well soon :)
4/17/2021 c25 carebear818
Nate is being bold. Does he have memory back? Is his lost memory about past events? It seems he can carry on in the present pretty well. What is happening now?
Hope all is well. Did I miss after chapter 25?
4/15/2021 c25 carebear818
I like how Harrison was able to track and the communication that took place. BUT who is this guy or perhaps his father?
4/15/2021 c1 Guest
This is a good story. I’m enjoying the twists and turns. I love that the whole team is involved!
4/12/2021 c24 Guest
Hope it works, seems like a setup...hmm
4/10/2021 c24 carenear818
Thanks guys for letting Nate know everyone is involved and he will not do this alone. They will do their jobs together. Question—Is it still part of the story that Nate has a memory loss. Or is he supposed to be getting it back?
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