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4/2 c9 carebear818
I like the banter among them. Looks like Nate is beginning to remember the Kasick and boat affair though limited. How will this next part go?
4/1 c15 Guest
This is a good story plz keep writing!
4/1 c8 carenear818
Like the emotions and uncertainty expressed by the team. Like how Eliot is trying to assure them. So what’s next?
3/30 c7 carebear818
Oh boy. Got very intense there for a bit. I like how this story keeps me on the ready.
3/29 c6 carebear818
Very intense. When, how did Nate get that information? Did he talk to Sterling? You keep dropping hints This story keeps getting interesting.
3/29 c5 carebear818
Honesty is usually the best. At some point Nate will remember things and then will trust Eliot.
3/27 c5 carebear818
A little more info for Nate about his past history. They also know cover not blown. So what’s next
3/27 c4 carebear818
Very bold Nate. His missing memory is from the long past. He was able to construct some memory when discussing things with the others. Personality is same. Next!?
3/26 c3 carebear818
Nate is really trying to understand everything but still not so sure. Guess that is amnesia. What’s next in front of them.
3/26 c2 carebear818
Really like the direction this story is going. How long will it take for Nate to get his memory back? What twists will happen?
3/26 c1 carenear818
Ok. So the beginning seems like from one of the first episodes off TV show, but you are taking it forward in another direction. It will be interesting to see what will happen with Nates amnesia
3/26 c9 3bettamax
Good backstory, adds more detail to the story. Also interesting Nate's memories of the Falcon are coming back, hopefully he remembers why he did that before he remembers the part about them leaving him injured on the ship, that wouldn't help him gain confidence in the team. So suspenseful :)
3/25 c8 bettamax
Ooo exciting, wonder if Friday will be a setup or if they'll get their chance to take everyone down. Love the suspense and constant change of plans on this one :)
3/23 c4 bettamax
Hmm risky but not a bad way to find out if their cover was blown. Still wondering if Sean is going to come into the picture again after the hotel incident - the suspense!
3/22 c1 bettamax
Great start, love the action right from the get-go. Parker got to use her taser and Nate pulled a knife on Eliot, what a fun story already! Totally enjoying it :)
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