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for No More Running Away

10/18 c6 tux51512
Omg I Love it! Pleaseee do a sequel, I need to know what else is comming, with them, with school, and everybody else, I need yo see what's next :)
9/23 c6 5Wiccamage
This is getting a hard to come by, "favorite story" from me!
It had everything and was so natural. Great job!
9/23 c6 1geekqueen2010
I'm salty that this is the end, but then you mentioned a potential sequel so I'll just have to follow this to make sure I don't miss it!
9/16 c6 Demi clayton
i think you should write more when you as it is really good so for, but only when your not to busy as that is ok as well,please and thank you.
9/18 c6 4Agiani
This feels unfinished to me. I look forward to any sequel you care to write.
Thank you for taking me on this emotional roller coaster ride.
9/16 c6 Harmony735
Great story
9/11 c5 3Wrightless
Oh plagg they hate you right now but i love you.
9/10 c5 4Agiani
Thank you for the update!
9/9 c5 Harmony735
So far your story is pretty darn great. I bet everyone is going to apologize to Marinette for Lila’s lies
9/9 c5 1GhostSpider1
Let’s go! Another chapter! No worries about the break, so long as you’re doing good
7/8 c4 Mischief Grimoire
I NEED MORE~! This was very cute! I can't wait for another chatper~!
6/11 c4 ChloeFan
I like Plagg.
6/11 c3 ChloeFan
Lies can hurt a lot.
6/11 c2 ChloeFan
Chat is sad.
6/11 c1 ChloeFan
Why was Lila upset with Chloe?

Chat Blanc was too powerful and unstable. Hawkmoth was an idiot for trying to create him in the first place.
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