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for Superior Spider Shinobi

4/30 c6 Guest
Things are getting good hope you update this soon.
4/22 c6 Alberto Jose Poveda
sigue con tus historias de naruto
4/17 c6 Guest
By any chance, ever thought about doing a Devil May Cry fic? Maybe with Naruto reincarnated after being executed by the village but having the last laugh when he and Kuruma exacted their revenge.

He could be reincarnated as the older brother of Vergil and Dante or someone completely unknown to the demon hunting crew
4/6 c6 DarkDurim
tbh ive seen the start of superior spiderman and the avengers are not good friends, like at all. they dont notice that a supposedly close friend is totally evil and is lying to their faces, not even the super spy herself notices anything and she should be able to read a troubled adult and see that the elderly Dc ock is acting panicky for someone who seemed ready to die before peter shows up. not even bringing up Cpt A constantly antagonizing him and eventually leading to peter dying in the ultimate spiderman.
the avengers and spidey almost never really got along so i hope you dont give them more credit than they deserve, they usually are kinda assholes to spidey in a lot of comics for no reason
4/6 c6 1Fan1one
The bad luck moment that Felicia cause was too funny to read. Part of me could thought that Naruto amazing good luck and Felicia terrible bad luck could counter/negate themselves.

I must say that the Avengers group watching the new Spiderman was to be expected, AIM is a 50-50 expected with how they are always trying to get something to sell in their search for evolving humanity thru science and technology, Hydra was a suprise but with how you mention Otto obtaining a membership it to be see some higher ups to keep sight on the New Spiderman.

For a new story arc intro (Avengers, AIM, Hydra) it has me waiting for what you bring in the new chapter. Naruto saving villians and turn them into heroes that has my full support and a 100,000,000,000,000 thumbs up.
4/5 c6 LoamyCoffee
Hmm, I thought that was always true when you place an OC or another series' character into the universe. Like alternate timelines or branch earths. I actually forgot about that power. Hmm, investigations from friends and foes.
Quite the list of girls and the 50/50 list did have some girls that I had to look up.
4/5 c6 bturner3898
Add storm
4/5 c6 keyblade master cole
Nice chap like how you did felicas bad luck powers on naruto for fun looking forward to the next chapter
4/5 c6 1A10riddick
Great story so far! Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/5 c6 Menatron the Angel of Ideas
Okay,good. Still don't see Silk in there. Hope to see her.
4/5 c6 hawkeyestratos1996
so is peter permanently dead in this one?
4/5 c6 Dasgun
3/30 c5 barut12717
ı like this just continue like this
3/30 c5 keyblade master cole
I'm looking forward to the next chapter will it involve the screwball prank or massacre or something else?
3/30 c5 LoamyCoffee
Excellent and I like that the Sinister Six have chosen to be something other than villains.
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