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for Long Distance

5/18 c1 1JayJR
What suspense!
3/28 c1 21POIphantomgirl
Oh John how could you drop that on Joss and hang up without giving her the chance to respond. Poor Joss. I kept thinking if she doesn't make it to him, he would be gone without her getting the chance to tell him how she felt.
But John should've known better. Joss wasn't going to let her man go down without trying to get to him. That ending though, whew. I hope they make it out.
3/24 c1 Coreenmm
Love this. We don't want John to die.
Thank you.
3/25 c1 31jakela
"By the way, I love you, too." - Priceless!
3/24 c1 39magensby
John really wasn't thinking straight if he thought that Joss would let him go without trying to assist him. Thnx for the read.

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