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for Ex Sepulcrum (Chaos AU Part 18)

3/26 c8 andrewjeeves
Well this I did not see coming, Root going after Grace's stepdaughter and Christine recruiting Anthony to help her in taking out Root behind Reese and Finch's back. I wonder what other twists we may see, maybe an appearance from the new Equalizer Mickey Kostermeyer to give back-up to Christine in taking out Root? Can't wait for future chapters.
3/24 c3 bwagner
OMG. A few days I don't check you and you surprise me.. Wow. Amazing writing, as usual. I think I'm addicted. PoI is addictive, in itself, of course, but add Christine, Julie etc.. and your Romanov stories. I started to watch Equalizer bc of your stories. Yeah, right, being Hungarian and reading that Lily Romanov and Control met in Budapest is a huge plus, but still. I want to see Robert McCall meet Lily's and Control's child, a Criminal Minds - Equalizer crossover (maybe Rossi or Gideon doing some hostage negotiation course in NYC?), Emily Prentiss meeting John Reese - if anyone, you could pull those off.

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