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for My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Silent, As I Expected

12/2 c4 13Haten
NOooooooooooooooo I was hopig we could skip their late childhood to go to the high school phase, but as expected we Shoko must suffer on screen for the story to be impactful.

Hang in there guys, you'll get through this!
11/13 c4 JustAShadow4
11/13 c1 7maheshvara007
Thank you for the story.

I just wanted to say that based on the personality of Hachiman, the chances of him betraying Shoujo to make friends in nonexistent to say the least since he knows just how fake those friendships will be.

He is the type of guy who sticks with her through thick and thin so I hope you won't go the same direction the movie went.

That said, it's your story not mine.

Keep up the good work mate.
11/13 c4 1enumeaelish666
oh that's a bad sign, I hope you don't go to the cliche that something bad happens and that Hachiman and Shouko don't see each other for years, it would be interesting to see how Hachiman would react, I'm not saying that he's a superman but that he does what he does in the cannon, do something that makes him look bad to rid others, I would also like him to learn sign language.
11/11 c4 2HaMCRI
will there be time skips? if so when?
11/5 c4 Guest
Thanks for the chapter, and fuck you with the cliffhanger
11/6 c4 WhyteKinochi
That cliffhanger, :0 I'ma get ready with my handkerchief and wait a fewto see the reveal :3
11/6 c4 Seeking the Miraculous Dream
This is quite the heartbreaking chapter. I do hope to see Hachiman doing what he can to make Shouko happy.
11/6 c4 readerfya
Oh damn the review below is for chapter four
11/6 c1 readerfya
Loved this chapter shouko’s finally letting her emotions out, she’s leaning and depending on hachiman like real friends do instead of bottling her emotions up which is an extremely negative way to cope so I’m happy for her.

And based on the cliffhanger, it appears like Shouko's bullying will intensify right in front of Hachiman, and knowing hikigaya and what's going on, he'll definitely acquire his self-sacrificing tendencies even faster. But if Hachiman doesn't stand up for Shouko, I swear to God... (which I doubt he will because Hachiman has no sense of self-preservation when it comes to social issues), but shouko would definitely blame herself much more if Hachi stuck up for her and then was bullied even more because of it. Honestly if it does happen like that I can only see hachi and shoukos relationship and trust in each other getting stronger honestly I hope hachiman finds his genuine thing with shouko they both deserves happiness. Im all for shouko and hachi being close and protective of each other

Is this like in the last or second to last year in elementary ? Cause it seems like shouko still went through the bullying with inside and his friends, I’m not a writer but if you don’t wanna write the middle school periods of shouko and hachimans life you can always timeskip idk lol but tbh I have no problem with the pace of the story so far at least for now, cause it takes time to develop any type of relationship and connection so that’s understandable.

In my opinion I actually think Hikigaya will be more cynical and pessimistic entering highschool with shouko, sure he won’t be a loner anymore but I think that his views of society will worsen and that his personality will still be similar to canon so still anti social with everyone except shouko, komachi or yuzuru, I also think he’ll have more of a backbone (this is if he continues to stand up for shouko which I hope he will) if he is I can definitely see him still joining the service club , although I don’t think shouko will immediately join it (assuming she enjoys life more because of hachi Komachi and her family)

Anyways enough speculation thanks for the update looking forward to the next chapter !
11/5 c4 ODAV
Muy bien hombre. Ya veo a 8man en el futro patiando culos para que no molesten a shoko
11/5 c4 Sinner and Redeemer
"And then all went to shit"... I guess Hachiman is going to witness the truly horrible things Shouko would go through. I hope it would serve to make him do better for Shouko as he sees how her situation is worse than his.
11/5 c4 Kaleidoscope's Beauty
Shouko would always blame herself when things goes wrong while Hachiman would take the blame for everything, both results in negative ways as it hurts the people close to them.

Honestly, both have a terrible self-esteem but since Shouko is tries to make an effort to make friends but struggles due to her situation and is prone to bullying for it. It looks like it would seem worse than what Hachiman would go through. And hopefully it would help to try to support her better and be there for her when she needs it.

Honestly two of them having happiness together would be wonderful.
11/5 c4 Protector for all
Good chapter, but damn it is a lot shorter than I thought it would be.

That last line with "all went to shit", gonna assume the scene with Shouko not coming to school and teacher blaming on the one kid is going to occur. Well I hope Hachiman tries to handle that situation better than what Ishida did. Hachiman never once bullied Shouko so, he has to defend himself. If he can of course.
11/5 c3 Tenyo-dono
Oh I'm so worried about Shouko and what's going to come next. I hope you get inspired to write the next chapter soon, I really want Shouko and Hachiman to find happiness.
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