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1/10 c25 6DFMRCV
Alright, long chapter though it was more expository.

Also Tyuule, yay, but I'll get to her.

So... Molt is "not around" it seems. Yeah, that makes sense. Canon Molt didn't really add a lot even when he was in power, and his canonical actions are... erratic. This guy claiming to be speaking for him and actively expanding the Empire is... interesting. I like the idea of other countries reacting to the Empire's expansionist policies by literally cutting all ties in order to prevent invasion which is not too unrealistic I would argue (*cough* Switzerland *cough*).

Pina is... certainly different. She's being dragged along with the expansionist elements and does NOT like it, but there's clearly not much she can do. I think. I take it she has some influence but not to the point it can challenge the word of this "Adem" individual, especially when the policies are apparently making life somewhat better. It is interesting seeing her Rose knights be "commoners" here because I was always under the impression the Rose Knights were the daughters of Nobles who were friends of Pina and could afford the armor required to become a professional military order. But Pina is implied in canon to care for the people a lot, so this isn't out of character for her, and it's arguably more characteristic of her egalitarian nature (something the original canon did not explore) as you see her taking people who can't afford this and giving them work under her command.

Her dream at the beginning was also interesting and I wonder what figure she saw in the cemetery, but I can tell this is more of a set-up chapter. Rumblings within the Empire itself, a prelude to other things maybe hinting at things to come... presumably... it is interesting that the Empire does have some sense of modern morality which is another different factor the original Gate lacked, justifiably so I would argue since I come at it from a "battle of eras" angle, but if you're taking the NHS setting, then it only makes sense. So you technically can't have Zorzal just feeding troops into a grinder here... I think...

Anyway, uh... yeah, Tyuule!

Okay, first Noriko, which it's nice she's not in a situation like her canon counterpart, but also not exactly great as she can still be harassed, but not abused, which is, again, an interesting change as it makes the Empire at least look more humane.

That said, it begs a lot of questions regarding Tyuule.

Her canon character is one riddled with suffering and 3 years of torture by Zorzal's hands. In these circumstances, she wouldn't be her canon self... presumably. We didn't get a whole lot other than the fact she isn't as physically beaten down as she was in the original canon (she was never able to do what she did to that senator in the original Gate canon) and a hint at her tragic past.

Which begs the question... where on earth is Zorzal and how is he different? Cause if the empire is like this, with systemic safeguards for some corruption, then his genocide of the Warrior Bunnies would probably not be simply ignored. I guess Pina was wondering what he was doing in further regions, so I assume this was some kind of punishment, but... does the Empire still allow slavery and such? Would make for an interesting contradiction, but not impossible if Zorzal took Tyuule's offer, killed her people, and was then punished for it by being sent far away or something.

But if it was a punishment, then Tyuule has less incentive for revenge, which you kind of hint at here. I guess she would still be the beaten-down former queen, just less vengeful, but I do think it kind of takes something away from the original character... though that's just me.

But hey, this is a different setting and story and you've done pretty well so far. It was an overall good read, and here's hoping to see more!
1/5 c25 Maroon567
so in your fic, sadera is a dying empire try to get back to world stage...by buldozing everything in their path and Molt sudden health decline and de-throne and replaced is rather sus...

like mega sus...(insert among us imposter theme)

damn this is getting Game of Throne level shit vibe, or among us level imposter vs crew

Pina glad she get a rework, she still Patriotic but not idealistic or over patriotic or blind ''that empire is invicible level'' as shit.

But instead realistic know the fault of her own empire, i can only guess after her mother died and her father declining health, not to mention that MOTHERFUCKER running the whole show

I can only glad that Noriko and Tyuule has better fate with Tyuule still fought back even can secretly make Saderan Noble ''Disappear'' permanetly

so what next install for our princess
12/27/2021 c24 Maroon567
hey i just make a request...this one not for falmart or nihonkoku (can someone name the planet please) planet it self

but for earth itself mostly adding some element from resident evil and other game on earth history, you know since you ad duke in your fic and few element of resident evil 7 (even you add a magical twist in it).

could you imagine the expresion of falmartian native and maybe the princess and her knight when they told about raccoon city and bioterrorism and most importanly the terrifiying nature of the virus and it's B.O.W zombie, licker, tyrant you name it.

consider in one of the manga where rory and itami stumble upon a village that got hit by falmart version of zombie virus.

if you want...
12/22/2021 c23 8overlordwarhammer2019
En DC hay un arma que roba las almas de gente que asesina, en tu historia sería lógico que existan armas mágicas como esa para matar apóstoles y seres inmortales o intangibles, fundir una espada o daga así y convertirla en balas sería fácil.

Los dioses de gate: estaban en contra del desarrollo tecnológico, solo lo permitían hasta cierto punto, si alguien sobresalía demasiado con su ciencia mandaban a un apóstol para detenerlo, en la temporada 2 de la novela cuando Japón intento poner una refinería de petróleo rory solo la destruyo
12/22/2021 c24 overlordwarhammer2019
Muy bueno, seguiste los consejos del autor del Crossover con Shingeki no kyojin excelente.
Las fuerzas especiales de Japón y estados unidos podrían equiparse con herramientas para captura en caso de enfrentar seres inmortales con cosas como armas eléctricas, balas incendiarias, redes de acero, tranquilizantes de elefante y equipos encantados contra ciertos monstruos de los gremios de aventureros , balas santas,malditas,runas, hierro para demonios, vampiros o seres intangibles.

En nijonkoku shoukan original el dios sol es Amaterasu o sea que los dioses de la tierra son reales,
Y al parecer monjas,monjes,sacerdotes y similares comenzaron a manifestar magia, en tu historia eso podría ser posible gracias a las propiedades de ese mundo, bueno para combatir seres intangibles pero sería la única magia que podrían usar los humanos de la tierra, si la magia de traducción funciona en terrícolas porque no la fe con efectos más tangibles? Eso significa que gente que lleva rosarios y similares santificados por un sacerdote tendrá protección mínima contra demonios y fantasmas. Debe haber algún sacerdote en la base por la soldados heridos y muertos que de repente desea curar a un amigo y se cura un poco
12/20/2021 c24 6DFMRCV
...did you just make this a crossover with Here we go Again, too? Hoo boy, 15Zero is probably gonna mouth off about it on the discord.

...also, Freedom's Ring shoutout? Getting an anime in this version of earth? Come on, man, my suspension of disbelief can only be stretched so far! Unless Gordon Ramsay disappearing somehow led to me getting some kind of fortune to produce it in that world?

...Butterfly effect is weird...

That aside I actually don't have too much to say about the chapter. It's a pretty good setup for the arc as it begins, we're already seeing the tactic of the more experienced US forces moving outwards while the JSDF focuses on humanitarian work all while the civvies set up their new homes. It's what both sides are good at.

Okay, one thing I do have to commend is you having our side consistently gathering intel from the locals. I've complained enough about the canon series failing miserably on that sector, missing information about the Warrior Bunnies, Rondel, the Vassal Kingdoms, Italica, and the capital itself and then going "wait, that's a thing" when it becomes a factor in some way.

Something about the Warrior Bunny description feels off but that's probably because this is more of an AU, and the people here are a bit more accepting of Warrior Bunnies than the canon Empire as there are various other nations to be involved; whereas, in the original canon, most were enslaved or homeless and disliked due to their history and they all openly hated Tyuule. That is one thing I have to commend Gate on when it did go for the "the Empire is very similar to ancient Rome" but it's of course come with its own set of issues like the aforementioned JSDF not bothering to look into it.

You know my status as a Tyuule fan, she is my favorite Gate character, and I look forward to seeing her... not exactly sure about Hitoshi suddenly growing interested in her by just word of mouth, and I'm not sure where you plan on taking his story, but I do look forward to it.

Characterization is still pretty much on point, Tuka and her father are still recovering from what happened, Lelei, Cato, and Rory are sharing their knowledge with their new allies while having their own interests, and you can see the contrast between the US Military and the JSDF in a way that isn't really condemning one or the other, just showing they focus on what they do best.

Again, good setup chapter

Now, you have "Qua Toyne", a nation smart enough to pull a Switzerland and shatter all connections to Sadera to prevent invasion, be it bridge, road, or otherwise.


Also, we have a... creature in a ship?

I'm sure nothing sinister is happening THERE. That dark storm and tense atmosphere probably isn't foreshadowing anything... probably.

Good read. Keep up the good work, my guy.
12/17/2021 c23 alphafirst100
This is different than I thought, Keep up the great work! Looking forward future chapters :D
12/17/2021 c22 8overlordwarhammer2019
Excelente inicio escritura, pero una parte de mi decía "por dios, que aburrido que alguien mate a alguien!" Eres bueno pero muy lento, 24 capítulos y no hubo casi acción, el transfondo de los personajes es bueno, de eso no me quejo. pero a pesar que los capítulos son largos, tardaste 24 capítulos para el preludio
12/17/2021 c23 6DFMRCV
Interesting... Very interesting to see the Coalition pushing out of Alnus, at least.

Looking forward to future chapters, by the way.
11/22/2021 c22 DFMRCV
Hmm... okay.. slow chapter, more slice-of-life but... not bad.


Foreshadowing is foreshadow-y. Seems you're setting up a meeting with Tyuule and Furuta, who I'm glad to see is a bit more tolerable here than his canon-self who... the less I say the better. Though I do feel that I'm being teased a bit, but I digress.

Oh, and Gordon Ramsay was mentioned... heh. Would *love* to see Gordon Ramsay yelling at Canon Furuta cause that guy was positively insufferable when it came to his duties. Pretty sure your version of Furuta would fare much better with the head chef of Hell's Kitchen.

The tidbit about the demi-human population in Coda village felt a bit tacked on, I guess. I don't recall anyone mentioning them prior to this point, which may have been less abrupt for the appearance of a Warrior Bunny, especially since there's supposed to be very few of them... then again, Coda village here is clearly much larger, and you did a good job handwaving away why a demi-human wouldn't have been noticed, so I can't complain.

The JSDF characters chatting about the spirits and stuff... it's not bad. I like how we are seeing much more of them comparing this new world to ours, something Gate would occasionally mention, but I can list the "differences" in one hand (demi-humans, magic, it's apparently warmer than Japan, and one 4-Koma implied the gravity may have been a bit different) so it's very nice seeing the characters noting the differences here... but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't as intrigued here. But that's probably just me. Not as much tension or story happening (other than more hints of Shino getting interested in Kurata, which... wonder how THAT will go down given Kurata's own interests) but it's fine for characterization. There just wasn't as much of it here as it was more or less the JSDF troops chatting about the ghosts and how Furuta nearly blew himself up.

Cato and Hodor talking was done alright, a nice somber moment although it was more of a reminder about Rondel being its own thing which is something I've forgotten to touch on. Rondel here keeps getting hinted at as being an actual city of learning magic, not just "oh, it exists" like in Gate canon. Since fantasy isn't really my strong suit (or even something that interests me usually) it's very easy for me to forget how insanely creative people can get with their worldbuilding of fantasy world. Like... Rory here was a teacher at Rondel, and since the magic system here is clearly more developed than... whatever the Gate "magic" could be labeled... it actually makes me very curious about how you'll portray it. The Anime made it appear... too generic. The manga gave it a delightfully more greek vibe, but... again, the Gate writing is such a handicap that I'm looking forward to seeing how you design Rondel here as the Summoning Japan world has much more flexibility in terms of magic, technology, and worldbuilding (or so I'm told). Maybe it'll be similar to some of those Final Fantasy cities or maybe it'll look less medieval and more early victorian/ Georgian England? Maybe it'll appear like a European city at the turn of the 18th century?

I don't know but the possibilities do appear to be far better in this fic than in the original Gate canon, so that's something else that's worth looking forward to.

Moving over to Rory again, and-


-*blows police whistle* Blatantly stolen from Freedom's Ring! You will hear from my lawyers!-

In all seriousness, the scene was done well enough. Rory and Terra chatting with the Americans about themselves and why Rory is an Apostle is certainly interesting... although not as interesting as Lelei going over the possible reasons for the Empire being who they are...

Once again, foreshadowing is foreshadow-y... though what exactly they're searching for is might not be addressed for a while it's much better than in the original canon, where they just... wanted more land? Honestly, the Empire's canon motivations are so scrambled and inconsistent any reason is better than nothing.

Also... lol... Yuji being aware they're about to enter into another story arc? Nice.

Oh, hey, Gisselle is...

Why is she concerned with a village?

Why is she using her dragons to evacuate the village?

Why is she apparently in conflict with the... Flame dragon? I thought she was controlling the dragons? Didn't she lead one to attack Tuka's village?

Unless that other person wasn't Gisselle... hmm...

...Well then... questions and mysteries abound, but it's certainly an interesting development. And hey, the flame dragon showing up and attacking the military is a scene that's been pretty much done to death, so... just another point that this is its own story and not just another reskin, so that's pretty neat.

Overall decent chapter. Looking forward to where you take this story.

Keep up the good work!
11/22/2021 c22 1Irresponsible boredom
Thanks for the chapter!
11/5/2021 c21 Maroon567
so basically tyuule is still the same but...instead become Zorzal Bitch, (ughhhh i'm gonna hurl a mini nuke one way another)

she become personal slave for more sane and caring imperial noble who power and status equal or higher than zorzal AKA Darius, and actually treated her with care make sure she's not loose her sanity.

i mean in this chapter he show care for his observer which i can assume a Male Elf and the boy show it back to him
11/5/2021 c21 6DFMRCV
Mysterious mysteries and... foreshadowing?

I can definitely say that this is intriguing. Like I've said in other reviews, the original Gate canon is relatively simple. The Empire's past is heavily implied to be similar to that of Rome's, if not directly linked to it, as in... a nation founded on some basis of Republicanism eventually becoming powerful and eventually conquering the continent and eventually becoming drunk on its own power and its leaders growing corrupt... presumably... there are a LOT of areas in Gate that are just up in the air when it comes to the Empire. Even in my fic, I kept it mostly vague and focused on the scenario.

This is already tossing a Molotov cocktail into the original canon because here, the Empire is linked to a larger continent and is apparently planning on uniting it by expanding, which leads into the Summoning Japan element of this crossover. Like I've said before, I don't know enough about Summoning Japan to really comment too much on it, but the fact that you are setting up an established world already helps expand the Empire's characterization... and then there's the mystery you're tossing in here...

I've personally always been someone who loves the idea of ancient mysteries that are practically impossible to solve because they're just that old, so all you're left with is an uncertain sense of "oh, something bad happened a thousand years ago" but on clue as to what or why or how. Your narration here is pretty good at conveying that sense of dread that an ancient calamity may result in problems in the present while not giving away a whole lot about what exactly that calamity might be.

Then there's Tyuule... not 100% sure how to feel about it yet as we haven't seen a whole lot of her here so far. Right now she's supposed to be Zorzal's slave but has somehow become friends with an imperial captain who tries to be moral and upright in a quickly expanding and malicious empire? Ehh... we'll see how it goes. Tyuule's whole backstory is that she wants vengeance and the three years of abuse under Zorzal is what makes her so ruthless but also interesting to see as she does everything to try to destroy the Empire. Giving her a morality pet from the start to keep her from going fully over the edge... well, I worry it might lessen her character.

But hey, that's just me.

Good little interlude chapter, and congratulations on getting a TV Trope recommendation, my guy!

Keep up the good work!
10/22/2021 c20 1Irresponsible boredom

God. Reading this whole arc gave me a rollercoaster of emotions. That whole LAV massacre scene with the 50 cal? Badass, so was that hot tempered Shino and that otaku.

This cooldown chapter was a good touch. I needed a break reading all this.

Thabks for the chap! I'm glad that this fic turned out different than I thought! It really feels like a while new series. I kinda wish the whole fight scenes in this arc were all animated.
10/21/2021 c20 Guest
Wonderful conclusion to the Coda Village Arc! I really did not expect that such a small arc could be expanded like this and turned into a new perspective. It feels like watching a brand new series overall and the characters were really on point and the vibes that each scene produced...like watching an actual movie or series on TV.

Very refreshing indeed! You really put effort into making the best out the story.

Congratulations! Looking forward for the next arc!
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