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6/7/2021 c10 6DFMRCV
Interesting change of things with the weaker but still dangerous dragon.

There is always an element of the original Gate series that I both appreciate and also find a touch disappointing, and that's the realism of the fantasy world. On the one hand, as a historian, I do like that there is more of a "battle of eras", if you will, happening in the main story with a few fantasy elements, but at the same time, it can be disappointing to some readers seeing that the fantasy elements aren't really explored much if at all. Like, there is only one dragon that is remotely a threat, which isn't unrealistic as certain predators of that size are rare in the real world, but if it's a "Fantasy vs the Modern Age" kind of story, would it not be cooler to see all these crazy dragons and explore how they act in this different world?

A little variety never hurts, you know?

It's cool to see that variety here, is all.

Tuka is always a character that I'm never certain what to think about, personally. Yeah, she was cute and all, but I think aside from her own trauma, she's mostly a blank slate, so it's cool to see her get a bit more development and personality here.

Battle was pretty cool, as this is a weaker dragon, she's skilled enough to handle it to some degree.

The ONE thing I could sort of nitpick is parts of the description where earth-side comparisons are used, such as napalm or football fields. It's not a problem at all, but it is something that could help immerse the readers in realizing that they are looking at things from the perspective of someone from another world. Like, someone from a fantasy world likely has no idea what napalm or football is, you know?

That's about all I can say about this chapter.

Pretty good read, overall.

Keep it up!
6/5/2021 c10 Maroon567
dammmmnnnnn Tuka just went Legolas and Krumped that Big Boi asses, you know i always imagine Fantasy world Elf as powerfull as the one from Lord of The Ring

Butttttttt...some how every Fantasy meet modern fanfic tone/dumb it down, Except if you search any Warhammer fanfic Fantasy & 40K they will Krump your ass...period.
6/5/2021 c10 Onion of the Soviets
So Hodor survived. Yay! He should get that wound treated, it could get infected.
6/5/2021 c9 4Major Simi
well nice chapter
5/28/2021 c9 Maroon567
i though it was Duke that got isekai after chris nuke the village...

but hooo boy i was wrong it looks like the entire frikkin village got isekai, which beg the question is the village just isekai version of the village or the entire village got isekai'ed after got nuked

and for some reason The Duke Mention Yuji look like Ethan

anyway great chapter and slightly quicken the update...
5/28/2021 c9 Onion of the Soviets
Great chapter, can't wait for some good ol' first contact
5/18/2021 c8 Major Simi
Well nice chapter
5/16/2021 c7 Onion of the Soviets
I hope that we would see some isekai'd people in Qua Toyne. Preferably MIA US soldiers from maybe early Iraq war or Invasion of Iraq. That would be very interesting and unique when talking about Gate fanfics. Imagine the fallout of finding MIA soldiers or even civilians in Falmart. They would be launching missions to locate these people. Maybe some of these people can even serve as guides in the war.
5/14/2021 c7 markyguns123
Keep up the great work! Just make the best out of every scene and you got an interesting story!
5/14/2021 c7 Major Simi
Nice there with Pina also good developing time, showing different places and so. Anyway great chapter
5/11/2021 c6 JCDC45
Nice story! Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
5/10/2021 c6 Magi Mari
You might wanna focus more on your OC because he's pretty irrelevant to the story he doesn't even have his own story he might as well be a lamp in a corner of a room that's just there.
5/9/2021 c6 1Zmod 123
Keep up the great work chap! Don't give up and Do what you do! You've got a promising story right here!
5/9/2021 c6 1Modecaution2000
This is quite interesting! I never seen a fic that is a somehow a crossover between Gate and Summoning Japan. Please do continue, Looking forward for more !
5/9/2021 c6 4Major Simi
Wow great chapter
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