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for Halo - The Greatest Journey

4/11 c1 mattias.thunberg
I was sad to see your Reclaimer effect not continuing, but I like this one too! Hope you keep it up!
4/5 c4 amir.mohsenipour81
* a good idea
4/5 c4 amir.mohsenipour81
Really well done. I hope you'll add Covenant Naval ranks and their UNSC counterparts.
I have ask, why did Humans had access to omni-directional shielding in 2530s but couldn't build a fully shielded vessel until after the war? Technology advancement happens at an exceptionally high rate in wars, i think it would be good to at least have some vessels with full shields in the next chapters so the existence of UNSC Infinity could be justified. That is, if you want to add Infinity to this Universe.
4/1 c4 Guest
I like the full auto shotgun And how it works, and the UNSC being more advanced is awesome

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