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for The Ice Queen and the Iceborne Wyvern

5/20 c1 Mega Lorandto
An excellent one shot! I cannot wait to see what else could be done here!
7/2/2022 c1 Yamakiri
I know you say this is a one-shot, but part of me hopes you'll continue this story. Imagine Weiss returning to Remnant riding the Queen of the Hinterlands.

Also, lulz at the Pub Lass. That woman's thirst is insatiable; one of my former squadmates is creeped out by her relentless advances.
6/3/2022 c1 naaturally
It would be funny to see Weiss at odds with any member of the fifth fleet other than the handler. Perhaps, at some point, she helps some hunters, but they left her behind and left her to fight alone, causing her to go on a rampage and leaving the members of the fifth fleet scared and shocked.
12/15/2021 c1 jujihanji
i wonder if cinder will meet a fatalis or lunastra, fatalis would show her how to really shoot out flames
12/15/2021 c1 jujihanji
i wish they made it so that we can swap to serious handler, i love seeing her reaction to the player eating the food and at the steamwork
10/16/2021 c1 10Isangtao
I personally like the Handler. Tendency to get herself in mortal danger aside, she's the only other person in the entire Commission crazy enough to keep up with our equally crazy player character. Even Serious Handler couldn't keep up with every detail that our character gives to them.
10/14/2021 c1 cherubmonfan94
Hope you make this a full story too good to just be a one-shot : )
4/10/2021 c1 2ImAgInAtE.404
Absolutely love this. Keep up the great work

I didn't actually mind the handler that much. I don't know why, but she didn't really grade on me as much as everyone else says she did, that's probably just me being brainless.
4/6/2021 c1 Lionheart33
Please continue this as a actual story I want to see what happens next!
3/31/2021 c1 Unazaki
"Somehow, I just know this is the Handler's fault"
10/10 Fanfic right here XD
3/27/2021 c1 Hyperbor
Would love to see more like this. Excellent!
3/26/2021 c1 thefluffyone93
Raging Brachy is a bad ass with no peer. Sumbitch makes his own damn arena to die in.
3/25/2021 c1 Guest
This is really good, and if you make a MHW/RWBY crossover or continue this story, i'd definitely read it!
3/25/2021 c1 SaurianFan
This... was f*cking awesome! It's all I ever wanted from a RWBY and Monster Hunter crossover! I would absolutely love to see a RWBY and Monster Hunter crossover from you!
3/25/2021 c1 proiu
Whelp i can say with nary a doubt that i would love to read more of this :D
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