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for Brothers: The Second Chapter

6/23 c1 Mac55
That it for me...
3/23 c1 5VoteDonaldJTrump2024
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3/7 c32 Liamtheharrypotterfan
Your writing is brilliant, I love the relationship between the brothers. Please keep up the amazing work. If there’s a way to support you further please let us know!
3/5 c32 HoneyBear84
Love it and look forward to reading book 3
3/4 c32 1CenturionEon
I'm happy to see this story end for now I've been following it from the beginning. Hope to see book 3 soon tho
3/2 c31 Jason K
I have a idea

What if Harry and Sirius host a party and invite the potters, Remus, the Malfoys except Lucius, Hermione, the Longbottoms, the Tonks, and the Delacours, but there’s just one problem, the Weasleys were invited by Harvey and Ron being well Ron he acts like a dirty pig towards Fleur and Harry being the overprotective and insulted Ron that wasn’t a big deal but with Ron’s fragile ego and insecure personality he made the situation worse because he said something so rude to Harry that he finally reached his limit on Ron and his behavior and indirectly exposed Wormtail
2/29 c1 6KyloRen.93
2/24 c31 1CenturionEon
a new chapter already holy shit. Peter is about to go into action. Harry puts Umbitch in her place if only for a moment who knows whats next.
2/18 c30 Jason K
I wonder something, when you reached Prisoner of Azkaban who is going to be the escaped prisoner who will replaced Sirius my guess would be Bellatrix, a former Death eater who has a personal vendetta against the Blacks and the Potters, or
11/28/2023 c29 Jason K
Update please because I want to see Harry and Harvey learn the dark truth about Pettigrew and what he did to their family
10/4/2023 c28 quin3218
Man fuck Lockhart
9/25/2023 c27 Eisgnom
Hey, just wanted to know if you have an active upload schedule?
8/27/2023 c27 2mwinter1
Interesting chapter. Thank you.
8/27/2023 c27 Unknown
I just had a chance to read both of ur fics today. Both Year 1 and 2 of Harvey
While i think u could have chosen the names a bit better (Hadrian for Harry, considering it's the Blacks and something other than Harvey for...Harvey haha), this fic is one of the best written fic I have ever seen.
The ending in 1st and 2nd book has really been apt!
The way u describe the psychology is really deep. It is really well written, almost as if you knew someone who was experiencing or experienced something like this.
I have no clue why ur fic isn't famous. It really should be.

Honestly, the only feedback I have for u is, change Harrison to Hadrian if possible (idm either way) and make him better magically. He has shown aptitude for diverse magic in ur first book alongwith proficiency in wandless magic. I feel it has gone away in this book.

Hope to see more from you on this series.

Good luck with ur writing!
8/22/2023 c26 Premedicated
Damn what a fun chapter! I’m glad you’re picking up this story again!
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