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3/7 c2 Guest
I just found this story and like it. It says TBC but it appears not to have been updated for about two years. If you do decide to continue it, I will be happy to read more. Thank you
10/27/2022 c2 dpmancill
Still anticipating continuation. Take care of yourself and please keep writing. Keeping N&E going remains the only sunshine left for that otherwise disasterous line of events spewed by the supposedly professional writers who seem to have little knowledge of early 20th century beliefs and attitudes.
7/17/2021 c2 Guest
Very you. That was much better than the ending of episode 1. That ending was just awful and mean
6/5/2021 c1 3Linds1234
these are amazing! pls write more!
5/10/2021 c2 lidsfm08
please please write more!
4/26/2021 c2 tw8624
Loved this and would like to see more. This is what i wish would have happened in the show.
4/11/2021 c1 Paul Olson
I enjoyed your version of the dinner MUCH more than the puzzling mess we saw on tv! I would only suggest that you carefully proof read before you publish. Other than that, very enjoyable.
4/8/2021 c2 saltlifegirl25
Love this! It really bothered me that Elizabeth cancelled dinner plans with Nathan just because they ran into Lucas and his mom. Nathan hasn’t been given a chance at all! I love that you continued with the family dinner date and then with fishing. Can’t wait to read more!
4/4/2021 c2 Jacki Foster
Great story! I really like the concept of them having the family dinner, instead of her backing out of it like in the show. I like the fact that Elizabeth is trying fishing, and Nathan is teaching Little Jack to fish. Can’t wait for more chapters!
4/4/2021 c1 20pn1thrasher
I loved it and needed the pickmeup.
3/30/2021 c2 Heartieeee
I love this story! Can't wait to see what's next!
3/30/2021 c2 Andi
Sweet story
3/29/2021 c1 pts1983
So sweet! Thank you!
3/29/2021 c2 8Missela
This was a fun chapter ! I'm glad that you are continuing the story.
3/29/2021 c2 Guest
Loving this story! No confusion or enough fear to keep Elizabeth and Nathan apart. What a sweet relationship between Allie and Elizabeth, and between Nathan and Little Jack. ️️️️
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