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for DxD Overlord- Or, Momonga's quest to not die in ero-world

5/23 c56 MarkHasSeenSomeShit
he's gonna 'Hidrogen bomb vs Coughing baby' her
5/23 c21 MarkHasSeenSomeShit
serafall bit of her fantasy on making Ainz as a evil character in her show is striking way close to home
5/19 c1 Bob
Someone has stolen this fic i dont remmember its name but its on webnovel
5/14 c144 Guest
Thank you for the chapter!
5/9 c52 Guest
reddi1at qqa
5/7 c144 NaiNai
I always love Ravel and Caitlin here, they made everything funny with their insanity...
4/19 c84 theadhdtaurus
he is creating the next emporer of mankind religion from WH40K... i like it
4/17 c77 1aitor.rosell.torralba
This story drags a bit... too much stuff is happening all the time but with little subtance, it would be better if it had fewer events but more meaningful ones... like dxd or overlord... neither of the sources was this dense random salad of events... reading this feels like eating a very delicius broth but that has been concentrated too much and now is more like bovril
4/10 c144 Guest
This is beautiful.. and it has lewds?
Sasuma author! \[T]/
3/26 c21 GUEST
Why didn't he cut his stupid hair? No one would recognize him.
3/21 c99 Crades vash Arcaleith
I have myself laughing hysterically reading Umu the destroyer! HAHAHAHAA!
3/15 c144 finnikin123
looks like another awesome war is on the horizon
3/4 c144 Guest
3/2 c130 NaraSadow
Umu! XD
2/29 c57 capitalist banter
This fic is insane, I love it.
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