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for DxD Overlord- Or, Momonga's quest to not die in ero-world

3/22 c6 BigRig2.0
trash fic trash author
3/21 c21 Nicedoente
Serafall just tried to force momonga into slavery, i can't see him being cool with it and i hope she is a prime target once shit hits the fan.
3/15 c33 10nexusplayer
3/14 c25 nexusplayer
Both Irina and Xenovia dead?
Holy SHit!
3/14 c24 nexusplayer
Oh dear.
Collectors instinct.
The Curse of having a abnormally large inventory in an RPG. Yet a Blessing in anime
3/14 c19 nexusplayer
Poor Overlord.
3/14 c15 nexusplayer
3/14 c3 nexusplayer
I wonder what happened to Draig?
3/14 c2 nexusplayer
Welp Issei is gone! So this story is no longer gonna hold onto stupid Pervertedness!
3/14 c143 Matectan0707
Is there a exact date for the Release in spring?
3/13 c143 11Notsae
This is one of the best stories on this site, I really hope you haven't abandoned it
3/9 c50 3sure I don't care
Man I really like this fic but I can’t keep reading at this point. Maybe I will come back to it in a few days after taking a break but it honestly just makes me exhausted. The levels of misunderstandings go beyond Overlord to a level that is just way too much. It stopped being misunderstandings for comedic effects and started being just stupidity like 20 chapters ago.

Especially with the Riser Phenix plot thing. Even if it reached a level 95 or whatever, 5 level difference between them means that Momonga can just crush the elder lich outright. He has had multiple opportunities to do this but just hasn’t. Momonga/Ainz would have been furious if Ravel was kidnapped from under his watch and protection. In fact that whole kidnapping plot should not have happened because Momonga would have definitely been paranoid and spent hours putting up defenses around the mansion. It makes Momonga look incompetent which he would have definitely been angry about that. And it makes the maous look all levels of incompetent too, which is straight up pointed out by lady phenix. The fact that they then thought Lady Phenix was a traitor after she called them incompetent and freaking out but turn right back around and freak out when Rias/Sona are in trouble is also very dumb.

As for ‘Riser’ or discount Demiurge as I think of him, he is just annoying. The whole thing about canon Overlord is that vague things Momonga said or vague orders he gave were heavily misunderstood to mean other things. It is a top down thing, where the blame ultimately lies with the Overlord for the cruel things his subordinates do.

But that is not the case with Riser. He is a ‘free agent’ doing his own thing, assuming what his master wants without actually asking him and then doing horrible things. Therefore the blame for those actions do not ultimately lie with Momonga as was in canon but with the Elder Lich.

This just takes away from the canon dynamic of Overlord. Like Momonga had to ‘tell’ Demiurge that he wanted to conquer the world before the demon started plotting world conquest not before. For all ‘Riser’ knew, Momonga just wanted a distraction as that what he was summoned him to do. He should have immediately killed/disabled the Phenix clan and then headed for Momonga’s location the moment he was summoned. Not assuming what he was supposed to do and then going off to do it’s own thing without first making sure it’s master was safe.
3/6 c143 DecaffeinatedWal
Is this still being updated been a while
2/25 c135 Guest
Hehehe if momonga finds out what happened in nazarick he will be pissed the hell of so much so that it will shake the entirety of nazarick and make even the floor guardian quiever in fear
2/23 c143 Kivag
Friend, I really hope you don't give up such a good story, I'm really looking forward to reading what will happen with Issei and Ainz-sama.

Hope you keep up the good work, I'll be on the lookout for updates.
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