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for Fawkes The Familiar Phoenix

4/9 c5 joshua.obryan.549
phoenix with sunglases on fire? yes this is a true representtation of the awesome fawkes the non-binary phoenix
4/8 c5 James Birdsong
Good two chapters
4/8 c5 itsFAX
a fine chapter as always
4/8 c5 AnimeA55Kicker
Fawkes is a riot.
4/8 c3 AnimeA55Kicker
But Louise isn’t the master of the elder wand because she hasn’t defeated Harry.
4/8 c5 VorpalHerring
Tristain is alternate Belgium, not France. Galia is France.
4/8 c5 Peroroncino
And here I was expecting a fight scene
4/4 c4 43Avro 683 Lancaster
When Tabitha finds out what Louise's familiar's tears do, she will surely do something to get them at all costs
4/4 c4 Guest
Theres a lot of HP-wanking going on here.
4/4 c1 kukuhimanpr
this chapter is so hilarious and awesome. fawkes with sunglasses should be the cover for this fic.
4/3 c4 Guest
Nothing wrong with diverging from canon, in fact it is pretty much expected when reading fanfiction. It is the fanfictions that stubbornly follow original script that are actually in the wrong. After all if I wanted to reread the same story again I wouldn't be on a fanfiction site in the first place.
4/3 c4 Peroroncino
I'm still waiting for Louise vs Guiche Duel tho?
4/3 c3 itsFAX
this is really fun to read. can't wait for the next chapter. but don't feel rushed.
4/2 c3 James Birdsong
4/1 c1 ficreader2011
This is great, Fawkes is hilarious. Can't wait to see more HP magic in this world with Dumbledore's guidance.
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