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for Fawkes The Familiar Phoenix

4/1 c3 slayore
Um im not sure if 26 years is right because he was a headmaster for when newt scammander went to hoggywarts
4/1 c3 drmcgraw186
this is good, never knew we need this type of potter/familiar of zero crossover
4/1 c3 joshua.obryan.549
well that partially explains why poor Fawkes always was missing, probably off having another world saving adventure, and hating the fact that they missed one everytime they miss out
4/1 c3 Peroroncino
I have been waiting for an Update thanks
4/1 c2 3Derago
This is such a good story, please continue writing it.
4/1 c3 1Appbeza
They elves wouldn't rot away. Dobby is the very antithesis of this.
4/1 c3 Peroroncino
I have been waiting for an Update thanks
3/30 c2 43Avro 683 Lancaster
obviously no one knows about magical creatures from another dimension,
But that doesn't overlook the fact that Louise summoned a creature that a magician would do anything to obtain for,
I'm dying to read when I find out who his relative is, what he can do, and what he represents
3/29 c2 James Birdsong
Awesome. Great
3/28 c2 joshua.obryan.549
ah fawkes, best familiar ever, I applaud your portrayal of this amazing bird
3/28 c2 EdoShadow
Muy bueno...
3/28 c2 Guest
Good chapter, though it didn't make too much sense that they immediately identified Winky as an elf. Like house elves don't even look human, and I don't really think the pointed ears is enough to make them assume elf. They live in a fantasy world, that has a lot of demi-human creatures, orcs, trolls, etc. Actually on that note I actually read a fanfiction where Louise summoned a warcraft orc, and people assumed it was an elf because it had pointed ears. I really think people just write it this way cause they want the funny overreaction everyone goes through when they think they see an elf, rather than because it is a realistic or rational conclusion.
3/28 c2 slayore
Haha not gonna lie the first thought coming to mind is but what about breakfast XD
3/28 c2 Warehouse1
Oh boy things are heating up lol
3/28 c2 alucardd13
Me encanta espero que actualices pronto
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