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for Starting Over

3/14 c6 Ashley Young
This is too good and I hope that there are more chapters to come because I wanted to know about what's going on with Ciel and Alois. :)
1/2 c6 James Birdsong
Good. Lovely.
1/1 c6 spicyfood
ahh! I’ve been waiting for when the next chapter would release! Im literally OBSESSED with this story! It’s so good! o
8/17/2021 c5 48Light Seeker 001
I feel like Hannah should come back somehow and perhaps stay with Alois/Jim while showing her loyalty to Ciel as well. After all, she's the only one who really cares about Jim, especially since she has Luka's soul in her.
4/27/2021 c5 James Birdsong
Cool chapter in my opinion
4/27/2021 c5 11ShadowChild Of Death
I’ve been looking for a fic like this and you’ve wonderfully provided. I do home for more soon! Amazing work!
4/18/2021 c4 James Birdsong
Good three chapters
4/11/2021 c1 Natt
Will read Ch2 later, but I'm loving it so far!
4/4/2021 c1 James Birdsong
Cool fanfic

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