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6/16 c5 minty.fresh
Really enjoyed this latest update so much!

Well as Draco doesn't appear it's really hardly surprising!
6/16 c5 AussieSweet
Interesting... will she ever consider Harry a true friend? And will her knowledge about the philosopher stone change anything? Especially if she tells Draco about it?
6/15 c5 szabo.alexandra1991
thanks for the update. virtual hug!
6/15 c5 Cecily Mitchell
I love love love Hermione and Draco’s dynamic here. Lol the bickering between Hermione and Ron is great!
6/15 c5 2roon0
I like that this Hermione stands up to Ron better but I don't like Junior Death Eater one little bit. Fabulous story, looking forward to more.
6/14 c5 SereniteRose
lovely new chapter, don't like Ron hate him actually, please don't put them together Hermione and Ron, he's to stupid, vapid and an abusive bastard, anyway really enjoying this whole story, thanks ever so much.
6/14 c5 GMGaby
“What did she look like? An idiot's keeper?
Apparently, she was the keeper of two idiots as Ron got up and went after Harry”

I laughed at that! This chapter was very quick witted and entertaining, but it did have some moments, like when she burned the letter, it did made me feel bad for her.
The crying felt good? A sort of release of all the tension kinda good, and later giving in, and agreeing to meet Draco was a moment that reminded me of her age, and that it makes sense that she will take some risks to see her friend.
Fantastic update
5/27 c4 jaymay49
Very interesting take on a pure blood Hermione. Really fun so far.
5/2 c4 AussieSweet
Well... This charade will teach her a lot. She was very prejudiced against muggleborn people, now she can taste the results. I can see that she is already interested in Harry more than she expected. I'm sure Dumbledore took many things into an account. And those were part of the equation.
5/1 c4 roon0
Serves Hermione right. She deserves to know what muggleborns have to put up with. Thank you for the update. Keep safe.
5/1 c4 scpotter
I love this chapter !
4/27 c4 2WriteAwayMaam
Poor Hermione!
4/25 c4 ReaderRabid2
Aww, they really are going to be awful to her :( thanks for the update!
4/25 c4 3Neakco
Reading this makes me want to watch the movies again but with the mindset that your story is canon. It would really change everything.
4/25 c4 Cecily Mitchell
Hmmm I always thought the Weasleys response to Hermione was a bit off. Kinda like when people humor other ethnicities they secretly believe to be beneath them. It’s harmful and rude and condescending. I like the way it plays out here. Ron’s got that whole attitude down pat.
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