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for Blundering Aimlessly Towards Disaster

7/15 c4 bluepillfanfic
this a great start. the cliffy is great. understand you may leave this story but what a way to leave us guessing. lol thank you for sharing.
5/10 c4 domestic fanperson
Whooah, when HenryEdith running through the crowd, I was anticipated that Henry would be using his magic to get in the bunker
5/1 c4 Guest
Is Harry about to perform accidentally magic? Saving himself and his new mom? Is he going to meet Tom soon? Interesting story so far!
4/8 c4 4Lavinia Katt
No No No! Don't be too upset! I can feel the beginning of a wonderful fanfic, seriously. I actually am very intrigued with the ending of this chapter. I am waiting for more.
4/8 c4 1Pouika
This start is interesting, but i need more to understand where do you want to go. Thank you
4/7 c4 Guest
Thank you
3/29 c3 4Lavinia Katt
I don't really understand where the story itself is going, reads different then the introduction. Please update soon.
3/27 c3 Guest
you turned him into a filthy muggle?!
3/26 c2 2Orcinus Orca L
OMG I really like ! It's nice to make Harry like a muggle, maybe he will have power or not but no matter because he knows all tricks in the magic world, it would be fantastic ! Thank you for this story and good luck in order to continue :)
3/25 c1 Shetan20
Thank you for a very enjoyable chapter.

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