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9/5/2021 c6 DrinkThemIn
At times it’s easy to forget how tense it’d be sharing your space with someone almost a stranger…and now sharing a person, and the responsibilities of tending to them when ill. I’m happy that they’ve sorted it out. Jeannie is quite right, of course. Anne’s studies are important but not nearly as vital as a potential death within the family.

But, Green Gables only has three bedrooms? Am I missing something?
9/5/2021 c6 26Mauryn
I've been hoping for more of this story, and this was terrific! It was wonderful how Marilla and Jeannie were able to come together out of their deep love and devotion for Matthew.

Admittedly, I was a little disappointed that Rachel didn't have to take more of a part in things. That might have been fun to read. But poor Matthew has enough strong-willed women surrounding him. I'm not sure he could stand Marilla, Jeanie and Rachel.
And Anne would have thrown a fit if something worse happened to Matthew and no one even told her he was so sick. Jeannie was right about telling her, but I can see why Marilla wanted to protect her from it, too.

This was a beautiful chapter. With Marilla and Jeannie now working as a team, poor Matthew is going to get nursed to within an inch of his life.

Thanks for posting.
7/30/2021 c5 DrinkThemIn
Rachel’s attitude was so humorous! She might’ve gone straight into preaching and fixing, but I rather enjoyed seeing her a bit bored by Marilla’s problems. Apparently Marilla ought to be well-versed at disruption, ever since having Anne. Of course, she’s still Rachel and WOULD find entertainment in Matthew’s amorous activities.

I do feel badly for Marilla. For a person who generally does not lose her temper, this anxiety and change has really brought out the worst in her. Not that it really matters now that Matthew’s had a heart attack?! Are we reading the twin of Dark?! Is Jeannie nursing him to his grave?!
7/30/2021 c5 Mauryn
A new chapter, wonderful!

Oh my, I can't wait to see what Rachel will get up to.

And poor Matthew getting caught between those two. :)

I can't wait to read more. thanks so much for posting.
7/25/2021 c4 8Chicken Whisper
I love this chapter so much. I can sense Jeannie’s embarrassment so well (good writing on your part hehe). It’s interesting that you have Muriel help sort her feelings out, although it makes sense. Muriel is much younger than Jeannie and back then it would be very difficult, if not unheard of for an older person to seek guidance and counsel from someone that much younger. That’s why the scene where Marilla confides in her is so special, I believe. Back to the story, I’m glad that Muriel was able to ease feelings. She has that way about her!
7/11/2021 c4 DrinkThemIn
Having Muriel lend an ear was spot on! It’d make sense for Jeannie to need to fill her time with something that’d bring her joy. Perfect!
7/10/2021 c4 26Mauryn
I love waking up to a new chapter of any fic, but this is especially delightful.

You touched on several points I was wondering about, like how former business owner Jeannie would adapt to Green Gables and living in the countryside.

I hope she and Marilla can somehow become closer friends, though.

A wonderfull edition to the story. Thank you for posting.
7/8/2021 c3 40A Talking Cat
:'( So sad! and lovely too at the same time. I enjoyed it. Good job! :)
7/7/2021 c3 6DrinkThemIn
What an absolute tragedy for Jeannie to slip away just as Matthew becomes an ideal husband. He really brought a joy for her last days and that’s likely the most precious gift she could have received, aside from all the literal gifts he bestowed upon her.

Death is always so confusing and overwhelming. I feel as though Anne is so sensitive to it all, given her romantic tendencies and her horrid childhood. Anytime she mourns I mourn, too. She’s the queen of memoriam gestures, and this was no different.
7/7/2021 c3 26Mauryn
OH, my poor poor heart!

This is one of the most touching and bittersweet stories that I have had the pleasure of reading.

You even managed to startle me a bit with the knife and rope incident. :)

Thank you for posting.
7/5/2021 c2 Mauryn
I was right. I'm a sucker for drama.

Congratulations on such a lovely sad piece or part of one. I hope we get to see the conclusion? Well, I hope, and I don't, if that makes sense. :)

A beautiful story. Thank you for posting.
7/5/2021 c1 Mauryn
I have to admit I have extremely mixed feelings about Anne with An E, and that is an understatement. But, there are no mixed feelings at all about your fic.

This is such a lovely piece!

Matthew has always been one of my favorite characters. To say you did him justice in this this piece is an understatement.

Now I

Thanks so much for giving us this story. Since I'm a sucker for drama, I can't wait to read the sad version of this.
6/11/2021 c2 40A Talking Cat
I'd like to read the rest of this!
3/29/2021 c2 14elizasky
Tragical indeed! Worthy of the Story Club :)

I liked the way you remixed the story, keeping so many elements constant but just altering the context. The description of Matthew hiding in his secret spot was just as tragic as anything else. Though I did have a Miss Cornelia moment when he ran off — just like a man!

Thank you for taking the time to write out this exercise and giving us all "a little weep." You've done Anne proud.
3/29/2021 c1 elizasky
"Is it his heart?"

That was a good line in a sweet story. It is fitting that Matthew's love for Anne and his desire to fulfill one of her dreams brought him back to Jeannie and let him pick up on one of his own.

I liked that you let Marilla be very Marilla-ish about the arrangement — grumpy on the outside while being secretly pleased. Is Thomas Lynde still around? If not, Matthew's marriage would be an excellent excuse for Marilla to move in with Rachel for . . . uh . . . convenience.

I will read on to the sad version, but this was a nice, comfortable read. Always great to see a Matthew story, and you write this generation well.
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