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for Flash vs Supergirl: Battle Of The Titans

5/29 c2 267Aragorn II Elessar
Nice chapter again.

So now evil Russian Barry, you did well with him.

The fight scenes across the cities were epic too.

And now Barry is beaten.

I know of the move from the film.

Good job.
3/26 c1 Aragorn II Elessar
Nice story here.

So far, so good and this was an interesting Earth and timeline you made with Barry and Kara.

So here Kara was the bad guy, huh, and next chapter is Barry, I look forward to the one with bad Barry.

Nice job.
3/26 c1 8CallMeMiles
this was good. is every chapter going to be Flash vs Supergirl, just different timelines/Earths? I may have some ideas.
3/26 c1 4Super Shadow 2018
This was a great fight ! I wonder how would CW Supergirl would fare in a actual spar against CW Flash.
By the way, did you watch Justice League Snyder Cut ? Because it was awesome !
May the force be with you !

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