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9/28 c12 AbyssWatcher
Finally a new update! Can't wait for the ultra violence lol. And Congratulations for the baby!
9/28 c12 Fl4k
7/26 c11 Controversial-at-best
You, more, hand it over, go and snort more crack.

Joking aside, I actually quite like where this is going, keep it up and try not to overwork yourself lol. Last update was may 26th, you better not let us down.
6/1 c11 Guest
Candles that do not nehave according to the laws of nature and spikes...what could
Osmaer possibly be reminded of...



just as planned!?
5/25 c1 AbyssWatcher
It's a unique and at the same time entirely believavle IG regiment.
5/25 c10 AbyssWatcher
I really like the Caracallans being from a water world. The uniforms and armour with fins sounds really cool.
5/14 c10 RandomReader
"The Imperium is not here for friendship and sunshine". Good to hear. Would be too out of character for them.
5/14 c1 Guest
the comment below. Exactly. The Imperium is not THAT stupid. They would look for signs of habitation around them and go there. They definitely wouldn't announce their presence to everyone that could be out there because most of them will be enemies. The comment you critised is obviously ironic, learn to recognise that.
TLDR: The guest you critised basically says the same thing you said.
5/13 c10 Guest
Don't worry, I only criticised the comment from that other guest above the one from BeeBadidoos.
5/13 c9 Guest
Ok, the Imperium is stupid but not that stupid. They are somewhere in nowhere, can't go back on their own and the only place they can go to can have everything from a human civilisation (of which there is one) or nightmarish eldritch monsters (which are there too).
5/12 c2 Guest
uhm yeah...the an Imperial ship is outside of their own territory and sends a general distress call. Because in 40k where basically everyone is at war with everyone that's what you do. The Imperium does not ask random strangers for help. They shoot them. Or if they're human they try to annex them, declare them heretics if they refuse and then shoot them.
4/28 c7 BeeBadidoo
Hmm, I like that you're showcasing the differences in the Imperial Cult with Ollm's planet's version being different with a lot of focus towards the water I guess he came from a place with a lot of water or a water world, it's something that gets overlooked a lot. I think you did a good job at writing a lower Tech-priest with Jeshua not being as strange as the Higher Mechanicus yet still having his own bit of detachment from Humanity. I can't really talk about Soul Eater as I don't know anything about it.
4/28 c7 Meh
This is really meh
3/31 c4 Guest
Short question, do you use the manga or the anime since there is a lot more interesting stuff in the mange than in the rather lackluster anime?

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