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4/1 c1 9Lacy073
This is 100% what fan fiction should be. At least, this genre. It’s light, easy to read, well-written, and perfectly in character. I love how stressed Nate is, how you kept the whole thing in his perspective, and how he’s threatening to put them all in the trunk. It rides the line between team and family the show tried so hard to do. Plus, the best part- now I wanna go watch the show.

Amazing job! Please continue writing.
3/31 c1 47gibbsrossi
This was fantastic, wonderfully written, loved it.
3/30 c1 38agent curly
This was a great story! For being the first story you ever wrote it was really impressive all your characters were in character and I can definitely see all this happening.
3/26 c1 2hengrimm
This was light and humorous and *exactly* what I needed after an already stressful morning.

Your summary was too intriguing for me not to read, although you might want to actually hit the "complete" button, rather than just typing it in the summary. Otherwise, you'll probably have people wondering if there'll be more.

I enjoyed this thoroughly and laughed several times. Good characterization and dialogue, and I certainly hope this won't be the last thing you ever written. You did good!

Thanks so much for sharing!

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