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5/8 c12 LTFan
Aw! I loved the 'Why are you always trying to get me in a dress?' line. I like the moments of humour that you manage to get in between the drama. And I like the fact you made this chapter take place about two years after the Robert Drama. It takes a long time to heal from this kinda stuff.
Anyway, been a good read. Nice one. LTFan.
5/8 c11 LTFan
Aw! What a cute chapter! I love how supportive Bugs is! LTFan
4/28 c10 LTFan
[Screams out loud at, like, 100 decibels] At last! Elmer's pain is finally over! [I'm assuming it is over, right?] And now Bugs can help him and they can have a cute moment!
Love all that legal s*** as well. Go, Warner Bros!
4/28 c9 LTFan
O.M.G. F.H. Did not see that coming. Okay, I sorta did, but still. Poor baby! Aw, I hope he's gonna be alright. And I loved Bugs's little look at the end. 'Yeah Daffy. What do you think? His arms, like, not there.'
4/28 c8 LTFan
Eeek! Things are finally getting serious now! [not that they wearn't serious before, but you know what I mean. Hopefully.] Love it! And the cute interaction between Elmer and Bugs, awww! Heart melting!
4/28 c7 LTFan
Yes! Finally! Talk about a cliffhanger though!
4/26 c8 Marie
Bugs is such a good boyfriend and he and Elmer deserve all the happiness.
4/13 c6 LTFan
Aw! How sad. Hope Bugs figures out what's going on soon.
4/10 c5 LTFan
LOVED the first bit! Such cute interactions! Elmer's starting to crack now, isn't he? I feel dead sorry for him. Is Bugs gonna punch him? Update soon!
4/10 c4 LTFan
LOVED the Pepe Penelope cameo!
4/10 c3 LTFan
O.M.G, I loved the fourth-wall breaking! And what is Roberts game? So weird!
4/10 c2 LTFan
[screams internally] Butch Cat! Love the reference to other characters. And Robert is definitely a jerk. Or Joirk as Bugs would say.
4/10 c1 LTFan
Ah! So cute! Loved the ending! Roberts creepy AF though.

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