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21h c13 wolfgod22
I really wish there was a sequel maybe going to Percy Jackson orders vampires or Wolves TV shows even Marvel or DC anything really I just want a sequel haha
6/30 c13 OscuraCat
Loved the story!
6/22 c13 1Trithankar
Bro, how about a challenge?
Can you send this harry and his mates to naruto world? I would at least like for a harry x anko pairing. How about it?
6/18 c13 Fred Bitune
Never read or watched Twilight but this story was still a great read. I can't help but wonder if there are plans for a sequel. Could be great fun to see how Harry and the girls go about fitting into whatever universe you dropped them in. Maybe something science fiction-y this time?
6/17 c13 Acrux The Northern Mage
This was an enjoyable read. I'm thrilled that I found this in another persons favorites, as it is very well written. The ending, with some music I was listening to, left me with a deep feeling of content. Should you ever write a sequel, or even a one-shot, know that I'll be on the look out as I peruse some of your other works.

The Northern Mage.
6/16 c3 acoolguyy
That conversation with Charlie was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read…what police officer goes to a teenagers house asking about their sex life? So weird
5/28 c13 1storp930
As a person that always thought twilight was stupid I must say this story was great and I would love to see what other world harry ends up on
5/26 c13 monay9e
Bravo! Great story ️
5/16 c12 1Dirt Rider 712
Thank you!

Dirt Rider
5/12 c13 Incantations7
An interesting twist to the Twilight/HP universe… I never really got into Twilight, but saw just enough of the movies to be inclined to read this one…
5/5 c13 La Phyzz
I would love to see more from this version of harry and is group as they explore more of the multivers and maybe meeting uo with yiur other harrys.

I find my self loving all of your Crossover stories and your takes on the MoD.
i hope to see more of these stories from you soon.
5/1 c13 DevilishPotato
I read this in two days and I am truly satisfied, it was a bit rush the ending because I wanted to know who were the ones who went along and stayed but still satosfied nontheless
5/1 c2 grimmouse197
I think you use the word exclaim too much
4/30 c7 DevilishPotato
I think having a boob floating would disturb any kid lol
4/25 c4 TsukuyoGintoki
plus why would they NOT want to be vampires? they don't actually want to age and have health problems, and be weak and feeble.
She just wants a kid.
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