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7h c13 Romily
I liked it in the beginning but in the end i had trouble finding the plot between Harry and his fanclub(s), if i had to name the story i would rename it into Harry is the bestest cook and even better in the sack - seems to me like this is, what the story actually was about.
Still a fan and on the lookout for other stories, but with this one it’s first read is last read for me.
6/22 c5 2aerium
Low-key feel like this fic needs a Doraemon crossover tag XD. Jokes aside, love it so far tho!
6/21 c13 Destinysummoner
6/18 c13 1Jonthechaosman
Despite my lack of love for the Twilight series, my wife is a fan so I know the characters and story. I am a big fan of Harry Potter and I have discovered a love of crossovers lately. The Master of Death thing is a pretty convenient vehicle for crossovers and I think you have done a very good job with this one. I enjoy your writing style and I’ll keep an eye out for any new stories from you. Well done!
6/15 c13 1DanDrake
This was definitely a great story from start to finish 10/10
6/12 c13 JustBored07
Great story... If you consider to write another twilight story please write with a pairing of hp with a female cullen cullen or bella
6/8 c13 Fallow57
xXxXx KUDOS xXxXx : )
6/10 c13 yrlastin
More please!
6/9 c13 19crocket
really good story loved it even though i have never read or seen twilight i enjoyed this
6/7 c13 1Kalen Darkmoon
Another very enjoyable story. You are a great writer and I've added you to my alerts in hope that you'll continue writing.
6/3 c13 batmansucks
if you do another story please do not consider doing a game of thrones the story really has no depth it is all about betrayal that is not a fun read
6/5 c13 3blossomaire
Great fic! Super love MasterofDeath!Harry. Would love to know who went with him on his next world though. Thank you for sharing your story!
6/2 c13 Guest
HP/x-men evo: Since the start of sentient life on earth an older phoenix force has been watching it progress and helping it's host line protect the innocent, this means the potter family has a near complete record of life on earth a fact which displeases several people later cause they can't lie about things. James dad and Logan blood adopt each other he was so not happy when the weapon x thing happened. The Phoenix in Harry raises him after the goat dumps him on the door step.
6/3 c4 Spidersauce
Aw. I liked Harry's house having secrets that remain his. Didn't want others to share in lol
6/3 c12 14nagiten
you still have a few continuity errors such as
jane knows why he helps they discussed it in the car on the way to Milan she even asked what would happen in regards to her and her brother.
it a bit confusing when they suddenly seem shocked by something they talked about a chapter or two prior or that harry mentioned or displayed ...
it a great story apart from that small thing though
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