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10/24/2022 c1 LisaS
... not sure what to think about it.
Nobody on the ship should have believed that Jonathan was able to violate T'Pol by his will. There was other situations when someone was under an alien impact and wasn't blamed for his/her acting. So why he of all people?!
4/17/2021 c1 69cojack
Well written and very intriguing. It kept me reading until the end, and I do love happy endings. I'm not sure I agree that Jonathan wouldn't defend himself for surely he knows he was not in control during the incident despite the terrible things that happened. Trip's reaction is particularly disturbing since he and Jon were best friends. All in all, I have mixed feelings.
4/1/2021 c1 justaguest
This is a harrowing spin on the alien spores, virus etc. made them do it trope and I can appreciate seeing a grittier story line than the usual ones in this trope, even if the results are the same (which I'm not knocking, I like a relatively happy ending). I think you showed Archer's feelings of guilt and remorse well. And I absolutely loved the last line, the reveal - I didn't expect the name but you used it cleverly and perfectly. Thank you for writing it.

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