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for Two Sides of the Same Coin

7/15 c12 dillanrodman
this whole rape seen is completely illogical she is a demi god she would toss him round like nothing
6/8 c12 CHEEZE1of5
I think this is a really good fanfic and I hope you can update soon :)
1/4 c1 Non
Your insanely long profile isn't cute or funny. Think about what you're posting there and in your stories. These ridiculous author's note, you gonna think it's KeWL in another fifteen or twenty years when you're an adult with ten children?

If a woman was raped, she should have the right to abort. Would you want to carry. your rapist's baby?
12/28/2023 c12 Lori
Please update, this is so good! I love Zia with my whole heart, and and the tension between everyone is so beautifully crafted.
9/10/2023 c12 Nira
Please update! This is amazing!
8/24/2023 c10 Nira
Bravo on the long chapter! Also, thanks for making this clean, it means that I can recommend this fanfic to my younger sister without a lecture from my parents!
2/1/2022 c11 Guest
What are hoomans? this is SailorHalfBlood from quotev btw
11/19/2021 c11 Vayahistoria
Tengo que decirlo, esto es una soberana mierda. Uno no simplemente intenta hacerse amigo de una persona que te ha acosado incansablemente, y mucho menos por una persona perteneciente a la institución en la que te acosan (mientras que a ésta persona le importa un bledo, por supuesto).
Claro, puedes perdonar y/o intentar olvidar que existen tus acosadores, pero después de tanta actitud sumamente cruel uno sólo tiene ganas de dar un puñetazo al acosador gilipollas.

Por lo que veo, el rumbo de esta historia se dirige a que todos acaban de amigos o incluso como posible interés amoroso, lo que me parece fatal, pues transmites el mensaje de que si una persona que trata como la mierda se merece, y es más, se espera que todo sea "pelillos a la mar".
11/10/2021 c11 2Fashionista
OMG, BrooklynNewYork, I live in FL too, and idk where u r, but HOW DO YOU HAVE 70S. IT'S BEEN LIKE 65 HIGHEST HERE FOR THE LAST 4 DAYS. IM DYING LOL JK. Also heyyy fellow floridiannn

I'm so happy to see you update, it's been foreverrrr. I still love your threats, even though I was going to comment anyways lol. I already commented on Wattpad, and I'm so happy that even with how busy you are you're finding time to update. Thanksgiving break will be coming up soon, right? I hope you get time to update then!
11/7/2021 c11 BrooklynNewYork
oh my gosh I LOVE YOUR STORY! It's just so funny and brightens up my day. I live in Florida so we don't get super cold weather EVER! Currently the temperature is around 70 degrees. I'm in 8th grade but I am taking high school classes so I understand your pain. I am so excited to read the next chapter. Thanks for writing!
11/7/2021 c11 Blast27
I LOVE it. But I NEED more!
11/7/2021 c11 3Jinglebells852
Awesome chapter! Also - THANK YOU, FINALLY someone who knows Connor and Travis aren't twins :")
Also the baby powder thing at the end - someone in my science class said that last year lmao
8/31/2021 c6 Brave Drake
Who the Heck allows Students to be Bullied by a Group of Students , then Treats it as " Forgive All" Attitude ? Answer : People with Serious Mental Problems ! They deserve to be taken to Mental Asylum / Doctor for Proper Treatment , not Made Head of School / Institution. If you are facing such problems or viewing them, then talk to Police or Lawyers for solution.
7/28/2021 c10 Blast27
I NEED more of this!
7/24/2021 c10 Guest
Great story, PLS finish it.
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