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for Digimon: Askew

3/29 c2 2Victor John Foxfire
The Teacher, Harly, makes me think of a Non-Magical Severus Snape... Which means I hear his voice lines as that of the Late Alan Rickman's... Which adds a brand of awkward badassery and Humor to the scene.

Also, I got a feeling that Anime Skin pack Kyle downloaded is either gonna bite him in the arse later, or it's gonna prove highly useful... Oh, and the Snarky Description of the JetArmor was good for a laugh.

...Seeing the Four Digimon names on the OS pop up, feels like it's foreshadowing Kyle's future party when the Digital World incident occurs... So yeah, guess he's gonna be stuck with Harris and the Mousy Girl who's name he forgot alongside Dom. Harris doesn't realize the Bullet both he and Wanyamon just dodged... Though he's still gonna be sour about it... Though I can see Kyle's point, even if he was being a Jerk about it.

Harris having an In-Training rather than a Rookie means that he's a Liability in the Digital Realm, especially if the False Digital Realm is just as hazardous as the Real one. The fact that he STILL has an In-Training at his age, is a sign that he's not ready to enter the Digital Realm.

Still, from how much Renamon and Dom are so insistant on going to the Digital world, heavily implies they're in a Relationship... Doesn't help that I have a STRONG Suspicion that Dom was taking notes for more than just "Being a Good Class Boi", Especially considering it was a Biology Film on Sex, on how Babies are made at the Celluar Level, and Dom has a very beautiful Renamon partner that not only doesn't like battling, but is focused on her appearance... Like she wants to attract Dom's attention.

Doesn't help that Dom changed her eye colour to match his... And most likely at her request. She's likely frustrated that they can't go to the Digital World to consumate their love for each other, or to have a Child.

Is kinda sweet.
3/28 c2 rarrarshark
Thank you for the chapter!
3/28 c2 5doomqwer
A damn good chapter i felt like i was back into school i was always pissed off when they said show your work as its necessary anywhere but school.
Also I agree plenty of digimon and their partners are probably shacking up especially with things like mods.
I can also tell that Kyle is indeed a teenager cause he has been a snarky asshole and decent person
3/28 c1 Axel Fones
Okay this is really cool. Pretty excited to see where this is going.
3/28 c1 Mrjl
Interesting. Looking forward for more.
3/27 c1 Reptil
Interesting so far
3/27 c1 doomqwer
Oh wow a Digimon fic nice I actually enjoy Digimon more the Pokemon and that is by no means a dig at your pokemon story which is top notch and i enjoy reading a lot.
But Digimon instead of growing up with it It grew up with me i watch the characters grow into teens as I did and Digimon while by no means unstrategic in battle structure can literally gain power by the trust love and friendship is share between the partners.
That and the designs are pretty badass either way this looks like its gonna pretty fun to read

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