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4/25 c1 dhea11
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4/2 c1 3Galkimasera
I love it, it's so emotional you made me cry in some points. I really like that you didn't show Squall as an invincible hero, but as a human with emotions. Yet he's still himself in the sense that he doesn't share those emotions easily.
3/28 c1 Guest Angel
Salve, fellow Italian! I will write my review in English so others can read it too. (It is always funny to me how many Italians love VIII).

This fic was so beautiful, and it broke my heart. It reminded me of what happened in Bergamo in particular. I lost family to this pandemic, so it resonated with me. I have so much anger and pain over the source of it because of all it has taken away from me, including my dad. For that reason, your focus on fathers hit me like a freight train right from the beginning. I cried so hard when Squall left, and over his interactions with Rinoa throughout the story. I was mortified over the situation with the soldier who shared his ID badge, it made me cry especially hard because I wish someone could have saved my dad; I wish an antidote could have cured him. But I also worried for Kiran, because I thought you were going to use that opportunity to kill Squall off while he was saving a life, and maybe then the soldier and his son would show up at Rinoa's door to thank her for her husband's sacrifice or something. But that would mean Kiran didn't have a dad.

I've had such a hard time all throughout this pandemic. My Squall and I have a small child, and keeping her safe has been a chore. I myself am immunocompromised; thankfully I made it long enough to get the vaccine (just got my second dose), but at this time last year, I was just getting out of the hospital after being in for weeks, coughing up blood just from the flu (and I had my shot). I mean, I get severely ill just from colds alone, so this whole thing... The fear, the what if's, the fight, the loss, the pain, the grief... And the weariness. I am so tired, and can't even remember what life was like before all of this. I don't remember normal. This is normal now, and I'm not sure how much more I can weather. I have to fight to keep my mom and daughter safe, and my husband works at the hospital, so that has been a source of fear since Day 1.

I am also a Witch and live near the ocean, and I love sea spells. I assume you must be familiar, at least in passing, with the Craft, as you created that beautiful Timber ritual that is so focused on intentions. You hit me right in the heartstrings with that. That was such a lovely touch, and now (I hope you don't mind) I'm going to incorporate it into my own practice. You have inspired me!

Thank you for fighting this battle. Our country was hit so hard when we already have problems with a dwindling population. Our valued elders, our cherished loved ones, the keepers of our country's history, are fading away before us, and people like you are so brave to fight this head-on. I cannot thank you enough for all that you do, and for writing this fic as well. Thank you, so very much. You are an amazing human being.
3/28 c1 16colobonema
Ahhh... I've been looking forward to reading this, and as always you meet my expectations and then blow them away! What a beautiful story.

I remember you saying you were worried it was turning out huge, and reading it I completely understand how it grew and grew - there is just so much rich detail and emotion here. A shorter piece wouldn’t have done the story justice. (I think most readers have no problem with a one-shot of this length, anyway. It’s always quality that counts most. “Ideal” word counts are so arbitrary and personal…)

There’s a strong sense of your real-life experiences and knowledge throughout. I don’t know for sure if you intended twelve hours a day of Marlboro extermination in heavy PPE to be a metaphor for pandemic healthcare, but I’m guessing that you did. It certainly works in that way.

Squall’s isolation and loneliness really strongly written. And his gut-wrenching worry when Rinoa goes into labor and there’s absolutely nothing he can do. Then the guilt with the solider. All the fear, all the joy in the latter parts. As a reader I followed him through his twisting emotions and it was gripping, honestly.

Laguna’s out-of-sight presence is touching too, the way he drops in little messages of support here and there. I love that they’ve added Laguna’s surname to Leonhart in this story.

Everyone else has said it, but me too: I love your Dr. K so much.

I loved the Timber tradition about writing promises in the sand. It’s a really beautiful image, the sea’s protection.

It was nice to see kintsugi in there, too. It's always been one of my favorite metaphors :)

Thank you for writing and sharing this. I think it's my favorite depiction of Squall's journey toward fatherhood that I've read.
3/27 c1 8LaylaEvercrest
I hope you know I devoured this fic. Every. Single. Word. A reader can really tell that this piece was a labor of love dedicated to a people of a time and place who have been through so much. I'm so humbled by reading this. So I'll start my review by saying, simply, thank you. Thank you for taking on this difficult challenge and giving it so much weight. I think you did it justice.

Now on to the specifics of my review. *blots tears away with tissue*

First, I'm so in love with your Squall and who you shaped his reasons for leaving. I think all the work you did in establishing that really held this story together. I felt his pride, pain and suffering because of it. Especially as you described all the gear, the loneliness, the bruises, the prepackaged food and smell of bleach. You could sense the developing anxiety and exhaustion as you moved through the move. It made it so real. At first the texts are light. I remember sending those kind of texts, and then the communications slowly shift in tone as the need for connections grew. That was so well displayed as he starts to communicate with others.

I love sassy but comforting Dr. K. You're right! WE NEED MORE DR. K! I think you'd have to be a certain kind of woman to stitch up kids daily and be able to send them of to do it all over again. You really painted a great character here that I haven't seen elsewhere.

And ugh! All the call backs to game themes regarding his silence, his reflections on how he used to wish he was lone and how much he changed. Gosh, those hit me square in the feels. Especially the line "He has fought loneliness once and won." I wish you could have seen me tear up at that. That's something we all can identify with right now that maybe we couldn't before.

Also, I love how you threaded in the friends. The slight mentioning of his comrades on the field and the need dawning on Squall that he should reach to them. Then his more anxious recollections of his friends and how he missed them. The way you talked about Xu's briskness relating to cards was great, but the mentioning of Seifer surprised me (given your stance on him). That was a nice surprise...

And about the solider named (SPOILER REMOVED). My heart broken into a thousand tiny pieces. It was done well but I'm billing you for the super glue I'm going to have to buy to fix my heart.

Finally, I guess I wanted to mention that I love how you incorporated the sea. I won't get into too much detail but it harkens to the start of the game and ties everything in so beautifully.

I'm sure there is a million more things I could go on and on about... For now, I'll just leave my review here with my thanks.
3/27 c1 91irishais
God, this is incredible and heartbreaking and wonderful and you've got Squall down to an art.

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