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for The Stakeout

4/15 c6 baileygirl12
Loved it!
4/15 c5 baileygirl12
Ranger is so cute all frazzled about the upcoming delivery.
4/15 c4 baileygirl12
I'm surprised Ranger held off for as long as he did. I don't know how Stephanie held it together for so long. Lol
4/15 c3 baileygirl12
Thanks Hal for nothing. Lol
4/15 c2 baileygirl12
Thanks Lester for ending a wonderful daydream!
4/15 c1 baileygirl12
Whoa,Ranger! You are on a stakeout not a makeout. lol
4/11 c6 Guest
4/12 c6 melyons
I’m not sure you’re ever ready for twins.
4/12 c5 melyons
I loved “ andale, andale “. Brilliant.
4/12 c4 melyons
I love the description of Stephanie; her beauty comes from within.
4/12 c2 melyons
So glad you continued. And that I found it!
4/12 c6 2trhodes9
4/12 c6 GarbanzoBeans
Love the Jack and Jill!
4/12 c6 1jules3677
Over a day of labour. Natural birth for twins, without drugs! Braver, stronger and more determined than me.
4/8 c5 Caren47
Loved Ranger’s fantasies! Glad he got everything he wanted with Steph. The bonus a baby!
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