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for The Stakeout in autumn

6/12 c6 Tommy14
I've enjoyed reading glimpses of how their relationship progressed. Twins, how blessed Ranger and Steph are.
5/11 c6 Caren47
Loved reading this again!
4/12 c6 JB
How wonderful, two look-a-like cuties. How could any one forget the drugs. Glad she made it through just fine for her babies. Thanks for sharing, look forward to more of the story. JB.
4/11 c6 Guest
Fabulous story
4/2 c5 Guest
4/1 c5 Bonnie
Awesome! A baby!
4/1 c5 Guest
Great stake out
4/2 c5 1jules3677
Liking the ‘slightly’ distracted Ranger. Enjoyed reading the progression of their relationship.
4/1 c5 1txbabefan
I like Ranger a little unsettled, lol. Nice, happy chapter.
4/1 c5 GarbanzoBeans
Great chapter, Thanks for sharing.
4/1 c5 ChristinaS
Ah yes, the battle of the holidays...
Hopefully, it's so close to Thanksgiving that they won't yet be ready to venture out.
Or they could flip a coin?
3/28 c1 Guest
Lovely little snap shot
3/29 c1 25Elenimou
Winter will be interesting with more clothing covering her body. Spring, we’ll have to see.
3/29 c1 GarbanzoBeans
A few months later another boring stakeout and Ranger lost in this fantasy. Going back to Stephanie's Place, does that mean Morelli is out of the picture?
3/28 c1 1txbabefan
I'm chuckling over Ranger jealous of a cup of coffee! Well done; he has some nice daydreams.

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