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2/7 c3 Guest
Hmmm... Alright. This is kinda cool. I know jack about Queen's Blade, but I like the different characters so far.
12/10/2023 c3 Wolf
The story was exciting three long chapters but abundant in history and details. I don't know if it's your first job but it was quite professional, you're on the right track. It's a shame that you won't continue the series but I know for sure that you continue writing. I just want to congratulate you on your good writing. And if at some point you want to follow this story it would be a pleasant surprise.
9/30/2023 c3 TrueVirtuoso
Any updates? ><
7/28/2023 c3 Lueckens
This was nice indeed update please
7/16/2023 c3 Guest
I love this story, I hope you'll come back soon.
I know you said that you will use the original desing of the girls, but I was wondering if you can add some of the girls of Limit Break?
12/11/2022 c3 4Maglad
I wish we had a few more chapters before Risty showed up. I feel like Claudette deserves more screen time. Plus, they (Archer, Nyx and Claudette) probably should have a long talk and come to some sort of understanding.

I like that you're writing the girls different from each other in mannerisms and even in preferences, though it feels a tiny bit clichéd that the quiet one is more demanding in bed while the strong female warrior is submissive, the other way around would ALSO have felt cliché. I guess its hard to come up with entirely new stuff after so much has been written already.
12/7/2022 c3 TrueVirtuoso
Hoping for new updates. :D
10/21/2022 c3 harmscody074
please make more ok I am begging you ok please I am rock hardest as a rock I love do the sisters please I am begging you
10/12/2022 c3 Eating Upside Down
Bravo, another chapter please!
9/27/2022 c3 So many things
wrong with the series. Have to ignore some things Are inherently wrong, and skip over fundamentally nasty things.
Plus, would rather Leina be in love with Emiya, too.
9/27/2022 c2 Besides
my misgivings, I must say, that you are a very literate and capable writer.
It’s well-balanced, over all.
And, honestly, besides skipping the rather (ahem) intimate portions, this was sweet.
9/27/2022 c2 Moon tea
Aka, yet another horrid concoction of “birth control”/ abortion on demand/ child sacrifice/ infanticide.
There is no other way to look at it.
It would be better for Vanc wheat to just declare fro Emiya to take a house of concubines, and be able to look after the women who have chosen to remain with him, if only as a concubine with his children.
And then, simultaneously, for them to build, what amounts to, side ventures, “for the sake of the Vance household”.
9/27/2022 c2 No excuses
If this Emiya was so flagrantly using these women, without thinking ahead, he probably would have sired an entire army of illegitimate children!
They wouldn’t have been at fault. But, their sores would have been making a mistake by not willingly getting married! And, ensuring the children’s security to be able to grow with stability and purity.
7/4/2022 c3 Ronald Ocean
Claudette IS best girl, glad to see someone realizes it
6/28/2022 c3 Guest
Por favor continue está FanFiction
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