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for Pokémon Journeys: Aftermath

9/25 c1 7Detective Desires
Okay, I have a few questions.

What happened to Team Rocket-Jessie, James, and Meowth, not the organization? They're a fan favorite to some people, and I think some of us (maybe those of us who will still be interested in Pokemon or still alive when the series FINALLY closes) might be a little disappointed if they don't get some kind of nice send-off, like hired by the Pokemon secret police, become Pokemon rangers, become famous actors, follow their own separate dreams, etc.

Other than that, though, I guess these are interesting ways to end the story.
3/29 c1 thor94
meanwhile in the anime, ash will likely fail to win the tournament
and goh like in this fic, will have 898 pokemon registred and mew in his ball (plus several legendaries), including all legendaries who give him all the Chosen One rewards and perk on silver plater, when ash must do the chosen one dirty job (means facing danger, die for the legendaries) for nothing but a quick thanks and good bye.

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