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for Avenge 3: Kingdom of Darkness

6/14 c6 Guest
I like this fic
6/15 c5 1Arcfej
Brilliant! Masterful conversations!
6/14 c3 Arcfej
I love Sigyn! A new character who's interesting and lovable. Although, I like Asgard less and less.
6/8 c6 Anne LM
Absolutely! I love summer!

I’m afraid my school days continue until the end of June - so very busy at the moment (from the wrong side of the teacher’s desk). Which means I’m sorely missing your stories. Can’t wait to get caught up on them all!

So there are some of Loki’s issues right out in the open. Looking forward to his confrontation with Odin...
6/4 c6 Guest
Oh i love every second of reading this maybe Severus can scare a few Asgardians when he is back to his full health and strength? I would love that. Anyway thanks
6/6 c6 Thomas-The-TMC
Snape the psychiatrist
6/5 c6 34Zeugma412
C'est bon de savoir que Severus retrouve sa voix d'avant.
Merci pour ce nouveau chapitre !
6/4 c6 Trickster32UE
Wonderful, Severus got his *original* voice back... ;)
And time for some mind arts lessons, as well as ethics for Loki...
Yes, do not underestimate the Potions Master, or you'll be going to regret it quite early ;3 Trickster32
6/4 c6 1JayMJane
the chapter was great, thanks for the update
6/4 c6 Azla Hashi
Poor Loki. He hadn't even reached the hardest part of his story but he was like a child when he told Severus.

And Loki, how could you think of Severus like that. "... with this grave, ugly, mortal with the mysterious mind powers." I can't believe it you called him that LOL.
6/4 c6 Greer123
Great work on this new chapter. I like the way that Snape is broadening Loki's perspective.
6/4 c5 Anne LM
I’m delighted that Severus and Loki are going to talk... Loki is so defensive, but now that he’s admitted that he needs Occlumency help, it will be a lot harder for him to keep up the independent facade. And at last Sigyn has seen him!
5/28 c5 Zarakinel
Sur c'est 5 chapitres bravo et a bientôt pour la suite
5/29 c5 JayMJane
wow. I read the first story all in one go, then skipped the second one and got right to this one because I love Snape an wanted to see what happened to him. I can't wait for next chapters. I am relieved Loki will finally start cooperating. please, update soon. your stories are gems.
5/29 c5 Thomas-The-TMC
I am much preferring this sequel to the other one. Loki and Snapes banter is great
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