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7/20 c45 6Marcus Emrys
Considering how Tartarus is described in other sources *cough*Percy Jackson*cough* yeah that is kinda tame. Still though, no complaints ... Though it's kinda funny how after all that time he actually takes comfort in the 'Freddy' name
7/20 c45 Tracie Adams
Omg I love Freddy torment men Hades is giving him hell so are the Ak and VK going to have a bachelor party or what before They get married
7/20 c45 Monkeymama1516
Loving his torments. Hehehehe.
7/20 c45 4danifan3000
I hope someone with a Deviantart account is reading this chapter because now I want to see Freddy wear the outfits Evie is forcing him to wear. also how old does Freddy think Dizzy is? because Dizzy may be young but she's not young enough to do pretend tea parties with stuffed animals.

now if only we could see Leah and Natalie's torment.
7/20 c1 greeky-geeky
*next 15 chaptersthe sequel
7/20 c45 greeky-geeky
wow Freddy should be grateful all he had to do (in this torment) was just fashion show and he prefer to fall gaston’s style? all I knew there something really messed up on his head. btw so excited for this next 15 chaptersthe sequel! goodluck<3<3
7/20 c45 Katt Kiki
That is the perfect punishment for him
7/20 c45 1Urmimala Hazra
Gin, Hands down. this is legit stuff. it seems that my daughter has been make brighter, after reading Freddy's eternal torment. that's the thing I've been waiting for.

Freddy in a tea party! yess! Copy Mal, do worse than just burning him with Fireballs. and yeah, call them master and mistresses, along with call Claudine Captain, Fred. This is one of my favourite chapters, after Freddy's death obviously. Love it. love it. love it. love it.

question: how many more chapters are left?
what happened to Audrey?
and will there be a bal wedding in the sequel?
7/18 c44 4561394
So wait Brenden is BOO’S kid

Monster inc is a thing now in descendants

Ok didn’t see that coming
7/17 c44 Snowwhite45
So this may be a stupid question but who are Brenden’s parents? Sorry if it was mentioned and I missed it... LOVED THIS CHAPTER!
7/17 c44 Guest
(apersonontheinternet here! I wanted to write some more seeing the debate in the reviews, so I'm posting as a guest)

For the debate on whether Quinn is a villain or a victim, I'm throwing in my two cents (even though no one asked). It's a bit too early on in her arc to say, but things tend to run parallel in the Last Bridge and this story, and in Last Bridge, Quinn is called a friend and helps with Mal's WEDDING. Eventually, somehow, she's going to get to that point in her arc where she's trusted enough to help with one of the biggest events of Mal's life. (the predictability of plot points due to one story being ahead of the other is one of my main issues with keeping everything consistent between both stories, but moving on) Quinn is probably abused, as evidenced by the line "After talking to and spending time with Quinn, it was obvious that his mother wasn't the only girl who'd grown up around monsters-and Quinn's monsters weren't the type you could yell 'Boo' at and they'd flee from you." For me, it also helps that Bal isn't my OTP, so I'm not as invested (i'm malvie trash). But at the end of the day, she's a grown person with the ability to take the blame for her own actions. I say, if Quinn actually does something, apologizes, or we at least get to read from her perspective, she would get more love from me, but as she stands now, we actually don't know a lot about her, even if this chapter is centered around her. I still love Quinn (or at least my version of her), and I really hope that this rambling makes sense.
7/17 c44 21twilightgirl587
I was so confused! Lol I was like there’s a new chapter why won’t you show it! I mean I think it’s perfect: emir missing up the phrase, since he is so nervous. So I’m guessing brenden is Quinn’s boyfriend. Or will be since he is basically chewing out THE KING. Friendship aside if Ben wasn’t like he was brenden could find himself in trouble lol. VIRGIL! FINALLY! Ok I know the hyenas technically tried to kill Simba and ate scar but... other then that they aren’t that bad. Why not bring them to aurodon? Uh oh. I knew something else was up with the both hands handshake. Who is brendens mom? Aww mal.
7/16 c44 Guest Numbah One
Hi! Me again! I’m still loving the story! I get what some people are saying about giving Quinn a chance but I feel like we forget that Mal was a leader on the Isle. I always got the gist that Mal and Uma reached out to every vulnerable girl under a certain age on the Isle and gave them an opportunity to join their crew. It feels like Quinn is one who chooses the path of least resistance to get what she wants. On the Isle she chose Zevon and in Auradon it’s Ben, whether stealing from him or stealing him. I think giving the younger kids the benefit of the doubt is reasonable because their actions and choices thus far in their lives haven’t been their own but with the older kids I feel like caution is warranted. Given what’s happened since they’ve started bringing people over, it’s not crazy or unfair for Mal and Ben to be wary and it’s also not their job to take a special interest in every single person brought over. I see Brooke as being in the same boat as Shayla and Locklyn (choosing to sleep with the man in power to get some of that power for herself) rather than an “innocent victim” like other reviewers. She’s immediately got an Auradon guy to like and vouch for her and is using the “poor Isle girl not used to peace” to explain away her actions. She seems to be an expert at manipulation which tracks for the Caster she is. I get the gist that the Angels favored direct attacks while the Casters favored potions and manipulation. I don’t get good vibes from her at all.
7/16 c44 billyandkimfan1994
Surprised Ben didn’t notice his ring get stolen from Quinn.
7/16 c44 1a-person-on-the-internet-75
Hey! I made a fanfiction account (finally)! Hopefully you recognise me from tumblr! I have to say, it's good to have more Quinn content, I want more of her character *cough* mainly for my AU *cough* I'm excited for this!
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