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7/16 c44 36AliceCullen3
7/16 c44 1LotusQuil
Honestly liking Quinn. I get Ben and Mal being suspicious, so I feel like Brenden is a little overboard. But come on, a ring? It's a lot like Evie was, as said, so I'd be a bit more open even with Freddy tainting the good name of the VK initiative.
Also from Castors...in the books, Yzla was in the anti-hero club. I can see them being super distrustful of her at first because her brother is Zevon, but do you think you'd add her to give her a chance like Claudine?

ALSO VIRGIL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I need more of him. I plan to write more of him, he's just a fascinating character you've made up!
7/16 c44 5OceanBlueSeaEyes
Quinn will probably grow on Mal. I don't mean friendship way but friendly acquaintance, I don't hate or completely distrust you way
7/16 c44 4danifan3000
Gil sewing, dizzy with accessories, Ginny with makeup, and Quinn with jewelry. How many VK's is Evie going to partner with.

With Zevon, from what I've seen of him and what I remember from his mother, Zevon would more likely steal Jafar's staff and the llama potion that is on display at the museum( I still remember in wicked world, he turned Audrey into a baby duck).

And if Zevon did come to Auradon, Yzma would probably just give him a trunk full of disguises, which I would hope Zevon has a better undercover name than his own spelled backwards like when Yzma made herself the principal of kuzco academy named Amzy.
7/16 c44 Katt Kiki
7/16 c44 shortanamx
and this is why Ben supposed to be immortal. I understand where mal is come from not trusting Quinn, i would give some chance until they screw me over.
7/16 c44 Guest
Look, everyone who says that Quinn is a bad person, listen up. I don't care about your OTP, if a person is trained for their entire life to think that having sex with a powerful person means survival, you bet your ass that when presented with a powerful person, the first thing she's going to do is hit on them. Is the distrust from everyone else earned? Yeah! It's been months, and by now she should have at least talked about or apologized for what she did on the Isle. And from what I can tell, she did some shitty things and ran with some shitty people. But we need to remember that from what we know of Zevon, he's abusive. You people are blaming a sexually groomed abuse victim for not immediately getting over her trauma and conditioning, because she did one thing you didn't like, a thing that, mind you, she instantly stopped and apologized for when called out.

You people need to get over yourselves.
7/16 c44 HufflepuffInDaHealingCoven
1. My thumb was feeling better until I went to a thrill park and messed it up a bit again on a rock climbing wall. (I’m not wearing it rn tho because it feels suffocating sometimes) thanks for the well wishes though :D

2. Evie has so many business partners it makes me happy to se her thriving. It’s also a testament to her character that she’d vouch for Quinn to Mal. The way their friendship has developed is heartwarming to say the least.

3. When is opening day for CF (as in Choosing Family) Port? So many ships, so little time to build and sail on them all XD
7/16 c44 Tracie Adams
Lol i’m put it like this I don’t like Quinn ass because she flirting with Mal Men right in front of her lol who does that The whole kingdom know they engaged I agree with Mal to not trust her yet we don’t need to repeat give it some time maybe lol love the chapter
7/16 c44 1Urmimala Hazra
Gin, can I maybe Kill Quinn, she's messing with my No 1 OTP? so, are the casters making a plan or something? and why, is Quinn flirting with Ben, she clearly knows that Benny Beast here is Mal's fiance, oh, will there be anymore major drama, in the story, in future? and what happened to *I'm gonna be greeted by St Peter* or in other words Freddy Boy? and Audrey? is she is Tartarus or something?
7/15 c43 billyandkimfan1994
Sweet proposal that Emir made to Emma on the magic carpet.
7/15 c43 fan
please uplode the next chapther soon!
7/15 c1 Moontorres18gmail.com
Can't read chapter 44 it's no showing any words
7/15 c43 21twilightgirl587
Hey moms DO know everything. Even before you know sometimes. All ourCAMERAS have PHONES? Little nervous there emir?ahhhh so cute! Love it!
7/15 c43 Guest
Hey, this might be a weird question, but with your version of the afterlife, what happens if someone's atheist/agnostic? Do they just... stop existing? Is there a separate afterlife for people who don't believe in the afterlife, like limbo in Dante's inferno? Are they sent to the void? Do they get presented with all the afterlife systems and get to pick one? Do they just travel between afterlives? Are they reincarnated?
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