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7/14 c43 Hufflepuff24
Now there’s at least Doug and Chad. Also question: can magic carpets get old? Magic Carpet has to be at least 10,000 years old right? After Aladdin rubbed the lamp, he says “Haven’t seen you in a few millennia” and he also says he’s been in the lamp for 10,000 years….. I feel like I’m overthinking this
7/14 c43 HufflepuffInDaHealingCoven
Cute. Cute. Cute. Cute. Cute. (Imagine this going on for some time but I can’t type much more because my dominant hand is in a brace for thumb pain and it hurts to type rn)
7/14 c43 Katt Kiki
So sweet
7/14 c43 12AmethystDragon14
Lol! But we *like* proposal/wedding oriented chapters! Don't apologize for them! :D
*Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!* SnowThief! :D And the final shadow proposal is complete! *squeals* wait, did Ahkio and Emir propose on the same day/night? Why am I not surprised? He he. Congrats you two! I am so happy! :D
Can't wait for the next chapter! :D
7/14 c43 36AliceCullen3
7/14 c43 EllaBSinging
I absolutely loved this chapter. It was adorable. And honestly I don’t blame Emir for being scared to ask Snow. She is scarily accurate with that now of hers. Lol. Your an amazing writer.
7/14 c43 CinemaSins
So, I recently reread "Watch and Learns" and saw the CinemaSins reference, sooo...



43 seconds of ANs (1)

Emir has too ask his dad to borrow Carpet even though the latter is sapient. Is Aladdin secret a slave driver? (1)

The fact that Emir lives in the Disneyverse and thinks Emma's parents will care if their daughter marries the second-prince. Get with the times! (1)

Father doesn't want his daughter getting married cliché (1)

Mother being the common sense one cliché. Because gender equality means negative male stereotypes are A-Okay! (1)

Emir's lack of faith in his parents makes no sense-especially considering he should know who they are by now (1)

Emma stating "mind of his own" implies she doesn't think he's sapient. Did she forget the world she lives in? (1)

"Dating Ben and Akiho too, in a way. Mal and Elle and I joked." Emma's into polyamory. Tumblr would be proud. (1). And remove 2 sins because Poly (-2)

Genie didn't appear once in this. Disappointed. (10)

VERDICT: QUEEN LEAH AS YOUR GRANDMOTHER ("Your mother could hold onto a prince in her sleep".)


7/14 c43 5OceanBlueSeaEyes
Heheheh grow up in the blink of an eye...well I mean David..at least she isn't 27 and you literally saw her in a blink of an eye hehhehe
7/14 c43 shortanamx
it will be cool if they had engagement party tougher. I wonder mal, elle and emma react to three girls engaged around the same time. i wonder their reaction to the proposal.
7/14 c43 4danifan3000
well, at least Aladdin still had carpet for Emir to use. in one of those short Chibi cartoons on Disney channel, Jane and Carlos snuck into the museum at night to have a picnic(Jane's idea) and one of the museum artifacts was Carpet pinned to the wall(and Dipper's Journal from gravity falls).
7/14 c43 18Angel Cauldwell
I doubt Emir would wait any longer to propose.
7/14 c43 Tracie Adams
It’s so romantic in awe so happy for emir so romantic so is Ben going to get married first or emir and akiho in hopefully all three boy have a bachelor party together same with the girls
7/14 c43 1Urmimala Hazra
amazing, finally these two shadow's got their girls! LOVE IT. btw, Gin, how many chapters are left for This Book to end? can't wait for the sequel
7/9 c42 21twilightgirl587
Oh goodie goodie. Awwww so many feels. Ugh now I want an akiho Elle story. Why do you have to be so good at this lol
7/9 c42 shortanamx
I can imagine Hades Poseidon and Zeus having a talk with mal's fiance, elle's fiance and the talk and threat them if they do something to the girl they will get it.
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